For every fashion aficionado, it is a dream to style pop stars in music videos or celebrities wearing their designer gowns. And social media has made this possible for many stylists. The role and responsibilities of a fashion stylist have undergone a severe change in the era of social media.

Fashion stylists must create a look for celebrities, be it an airport look or an off-duty street style look. It is the fashion stylist’s job to minutely manage the style of the personality, even if the budget is not enormous. Instagram plays a critical role in helping you stay updated with the changing responsibilities of a fashion stylist.

In the world of fashion, it becomes complicated to stand out because there is a constant need to stay updated. Traditionally, the duty of a fashion stylist was to assess celebrities on photo shoots and participate in editorial spreads. Now it involves building up the portfolio of the personality and the fashion artist overtime.

However, with a massive explosion of fashion influencer marketing, a new wave of fashion stylist came into the picture. Anyone who has a huge fan following in Instagram can become a fashion influencer overnight. You need to garner a tremendous amount of support from followers on your Instagram web page to get clients.

Thus if you buy Instagram followers and likesyou may become a celebrity stylist overnight. However, that might give you instant fame but will likely not last in the longer run.

Create Your Own Unique Style

Now there is more preference for raw photos and vintage outfits. The age of glossy editorial shoots is facing dawn. Fashion stylists had to focus on the line of fashion that is less deliberate and less predictable; rather, it should be weird and strange.

The more unique you are in your thought of style means, the more followers you have on Instagram. It also becomes an excellent way to generate more clients. Thus there are ways through which you can attract followers on Instagram to help you grab eyeballs as a fashion stylist.

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Suggest Multiple Looks In A Tight Budget

Now it is a fashion stylist who has to work not only in a tight budget, but even the time-frame for a particular fashion project can be very limited. Earlier things were different, but now fashion stylist has to work in a very diligent manner. Every industry is affected by the rise of social media interfaces, and the fashion industry is no exception.

There is a need for content streaming of content as such fashion stylists have to come up with many looks in skimpy budgets. Earlier fashion stylist just had to focus on the looks of lead actors, but now they have to style the entire unit. Fashion stylists also have to design models and actors for off-duty outfits to grab the paparazzi’s attention. Many fashion models indeed have a look for every task they undertake, be it a gym, a movie, or even when travelling.

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Taking Up Brand Partnerships

Many fashion stylists work as freelancers and it has opened up new doors for them to become fashion influencers on Instagram. If you can create a social media presence with celebrities, it will be effortless to get brand partnerships and sponsorships. Many fashion stylists are doing well because of the extensive base of celebrity clientele following them on the Instagram platform.

Understanding The Evolution Of the Role Of Fashion Stylists

When you develop a more in-depth insight into how fashion stylists have undergone growth in the era of social media, you can master Instagram. Now fashion styles are not just part of the glossy pages of the magazine, but they have become the central cult of the fashion industry. You have to come up with a new signature style that will become recognizable, and it might also get associated with your identity as a fashion stylist.

With the advent of Instagram, every rule in the fashion industry is getting redefined. As such, even the career of a fashion stylist is witnessing a lot of changes. You can come up with unconventional style ideas to appease your fan following on Instagram.

Most celebrity fashion stylists are not willing to discuss the pitfalls they faced in the professional journey. They do accept that certain limitations do affect their creativity, but those limitations become a welcoming challenge for developing something unique. It is the joy of every fashion stylist to come up with something new or create their vision of fashion.

Fashion is a way for a fashion stylist to express their ideas; it is a way of visual appearance for them and me.

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By entering into lucrative collaborative endeavours on Instagram, you can entice the mind of users. Thus it would be best to come up with something new using weird props or different merchandise to create a unique style statement on Instagram.

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