What swimsuit style to you opt for when staying at a five-star luxury hotel such as Belmond Villa San Michele here in Florence?

Whether you’re already sitting in front of the air conditioner or simply counting down the days until summer, swimsuit season is officially upon us. It may feel like we’re not going anywhere for a while, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t brighter days ahead, and who says you can’t wear a swimsuit around the house?

A classic one-piece never goes out of style, but summer 2020 is bringing forth a fresh batch of fun swim trends to try.

You can’t shop for them now as I bought these two last year. But be inspired to sport at home in your backyard or in that far-flung destination when you feel you can all travel safely again.

First of all, you can never overdress at a five-star hotel. On this occasion, I chose to chop and change due to the nature of the stay.

Belmond San Michele Florence - Swimming Pool Style Tips

Floral Swimsuits

When surrounded by a large pool and endless Italian-style gardens then opt for swimwear that is floral. It sets the tone of the day and with this sunshine, at play you want to wear fabrics that look floral.

From a blue full piece to an emerald green swimsuit, you can see I opted for everything floral.

Belmond San Michele Florence - Swimming Pool Style Tips

Rash Guard

This long sleeve rash swimsuit is wonderful as I don’t get burnt. I am too lazy to put on sunscreen.

A rash guard, also known as rash vest or rashie, is an athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester. Rashguards also offer some protection from the sun (measured by its Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and slight protection against jellyfish stings and are sometimes worn under wetsuits to prevent chafing.

Belmond San Michele Florence - Swimming Pool Style Tips

NKB London

I chose to wear the latest collection of everything gold plated from NKB London designer. When at the poolside it is amazing how many people notice what you are wearing around your neck and wrists.

Belmond San Michele Florence - Swimming Pool Style Tips

NKB London Gold bracelet

I like to team the gold plated hex six cuffs with other colour bracelets.

Hera Druzy Stone

A stunning statement piece, using a black Hera Druzy stone on sterling silver which is 18ct gold plated, Hexagon, and Half-moon symbols. The hexagon is also featured in our Honeybee and Melissa earrings range.

This just rocked my swimsuit look as well as wearing it with my white maxi dress. If connecting to mother earth is what you are seeking then shop the collection.

Belmond San Michele Florence - Swimming Pool Style Tips

White Maxi Dress

When you are dining at the bar or sipping a cocktail then change into a nice white maxi dress.

Maxi White dress Belmond San Michele Florence Italy Gracie Opulanza 2020 (2)

Swim Caps

It is not easy to find swim caps like these. But they are in a store in Florence where you can buy them. They are so much fun and great for keeping your hair dry. Many places in Europe expect you to wear a cap when at a public pool.

I team them with my gold plated aviator style eyewear from Serengeti.

Belmond San Michele Florence - Swimming Pool Style Tips