The names Jennifer Lopez and awards show have been synonymous ever since she hosted the 2001 Billboard MTV video music awards. Over the years, Lopez has dazzled on many awards show’s red carpet. Her extensive résumé includes actress, businesswoman, dancer, CFDA and recording artist. When it comes to fashion statements she is an inspiring woman for ladies seeking a new look at the age of fifty, and that they can copy Jenny Lopez’s style during their private moments. Her net worth, as of now, is estimated to be $400 million.

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Why I Adore J.Lo?

J.Lo embraces her wardrobe with no fear and wears clothing from Alexander McQueen to show off her curves. I remember seeing her in that iconic green Versace dress and thought this woman is a supermodel.

With brands like Sarah Burton who work with J.lo is no wonder why women love her iconic looks. Her street style has had a global impact on a woman over fifty years old. Even though she is a naturally beautiful person. This is why Jennifer Lopez’s style has been noticed by the CFDA fashion icon award.

The decision was easy for Steven Kolb, the president and CEO of the CFDA: “Jennifer Lopez’s style is bold, uninhibited, and always memorable. Designers, including many of our CFDA Members, love to dress her for both stage and private moments.”

Her array of different fashion styles on and off stage varies from Haute Couture to urban street-wear chic. Jennifer Lopez uses clothes to inspire her fans to embrace all body types.

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Hair And Beauty

Her makeup and hair always fit her personal style in regards to what she is wearing for that particular moment. The silhouettes that J.Lo chooses is inspirational for women over fifty. Lopez always looks effortlessly natural when it comes to facial images. Women are seeking a more natural look thanks to her.

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Fifty-Year-Old Body

Her commitment to that body allows her to wear the bravest of things, highlighting that you can wear whatever no matter what age you are. Her fashion outfits work, she is all about wearing rich colours at the age of fifty. Therefore Kim Kardashian is not her target market, nor a threat to Lopez’s fashion brands let alone her personal image.

Jennifer Lopez's Best Awards Show Style Moments age fifty

When strutting in Manhattan, Lopez is experimenting with wearing orange. There is always a photographer around shooting for Getty Images. She is as powerful as Naomi Campbell walking on a catwalk.

Her workout regime is brutal and her six-pack stomach is like a twenty-year-old body. It is why the council of fashion designers of America want her to be part of their fashion shows and any ceremony events they will organise.

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon

Jennifer always wore tight figuring outfits to show the world how hard she exercises to get this body.

Hard Working Mother

Lopez alongside a mother to her kid is a role model to young and old mums. No one would even dare challenge or copyright what Jennifer has achieved in the world of fashion and music. She has inspired so many mums that nothing is off-limits regarding burlesque. She looks wonderful in any Furstenberg gown and is well respected within the celebrity industry. She is no match when it comes to Rihanna or Beyonce. She is a powerful woman in her own right. The pressure is on us all when it comes to turning fifty years old.

Jennifer Lopez - breasty dress