For me the brand that brought coolness and and edge appeal to denim in the last few years was and is G Star Raw. This Dutch brand pioneered a new denim cut also, when it came to jeans. They are the only jeans I buy because they look so good on me. They pushed the boundaries where other denim brands never thought too. You can hear from them in my interview I did a couple of years ago.

Denim is a fabric that as we all know will never die. But I am really thrilled to see where it has all headed too. On the catwalks this week we can see how old school designers such as Carolina Herrera has created the Haute Couture of denim. I am intrigued  to see where it is all heading.


Denim Bag

I bought this pleated denim bag in Bali last week. They literally only created two and just bought them in the shop about one hour before I entered. I knew it was fashion destiny when I saw it.  I walked into the shop and tucked away in the back of the boutique I noticed it. This pleated denim bag has such attitude I just love it. You can dress it up and you can dress it down. This bag just goes with any fabric apposed to denim.

I was wondering how a bag could look so edgy. Then it occurred to me it’s the pleat that is doing the talking. Pleat for me is hard to bring back in trend as it can look dated. But the way the doubling of denim fabric backs upon itself and stitched is why this bag looks so chic. It seems that, pleated denim in where the wide piece of fabric sown to a narrower circumference, is going to be the new IT trend or in this case the IT Bag.



In an elegant way this pleated bag, just adds chic to anything you team it with.  The leather strap, just completes the bag.

I have worn it only a few times, but I can assure you this denim bag turns heads. This is what I love about fashion. It can create so many emotions. I think its partly to do with knowing I am the only person in Europe that owns this bag. Ironically this unknown designer is French. This makes even more sense, why the bag looks so chic. So in the next few days, this is going to be my new best friend in London.