Jon dictates his own style and rocks when it comes to on and off stage fashion.  Jon knows how to team leather combinations without looking tacky. Notice he always sticks to black leather.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Style

  1. Leather –  He combines it with a different material, never wearing leather with leather. Jon’s  leather jackets designs are slim fitting which draws attention to his masculine figure and gives that sex appeal he is famous for.
  2. Military Jackets – Always worn with his leather trousers creates a cool, slick rock image.
  3. Suits – His  image still has a rock look about it, its all in the way he combines his accessories. He chooses dark suits but takes close attention to the colour and style  of his shirts.
  4. Hair – No matter what outfit he wears, his hair style  always compliments his rock star look.

During his career he has released two solo albums and eleven studio albums with his band, which to date have sold over 130 million albums worldwide. Тhe band was declared the second richest band in 2011, behind U2, earning an approximate $125 million income. He also rocks by owning his restaurant called Soul Kitchen, based in New Jersey.

Jon’s look and image still looks great today. He is one of the most powerful influences when it came to rock fashion.

Jon Bon Jovi,