I have been pioneering, for sometime now, a new way to take fashion brands to market, during fashion weeks. In today’s world of saturated fashion weeks, the biggest challenge is to get people to buy into  up and coming fashion brands. There are so many labels showcasing during London Fashion Week and each one hoping that their breakthrough will come. The harsh reality, because the market is so competitive, most designers don’t make it due to the lack of funds for marketing. I am amazed that I get e-mails from designers saying we don’t have allocated budgets for marketing. This has to be the dumbest business model ever. What on earth are they teaching at fashion schools in London?

Social Media Marketing has its challenges too, but with a platforms such as mine and years of experiences. It is just as powerful and in most cases more so than a quick catwalk or presentation at a fashion week.

I do ponder, the longevity of  fashion weeks throughout the globe?  Do fashion weeks still have massive influence over the consumer as they did in the past? Will fashion weeks exist in years to come? How many people the right customers turn up to your catwalks let alone presentation that gives you added value? Or are catwalks of today just a false sense of marketing? I rarely attend female fashion weeks, because I own MenStyleFashion. I am known as the female voice for menswear. However more and more I am seeing menswear showcasing during the female events and vice versa.

Therefore, It only seems right that I start attending both. But I am digital marketing, my own PR therefore just turning up, showcasing my personal style is not going to grow my business. So I have come up with an idea. For me lifestyle and fashion should never be separated. That’s why Fashion Weeks for me are holding on to dated marketing concepts, that simply don’t have the impact anymore. Wake up designers, the market is saturated and due to social media influences, there are other ways to showcase your collections. Ask your self, what is the return of investment during these fashion weeks? Can I sustain this false sense of economy? Can I continue to convince my investors to buy into fashion weeks?

My Unique Selling Point

I am now in a string media position to develop my persona ‘ Gracie Opulanza’ to other areas of the fashion world as my brand architecture and presence increases. My unique selling point is that I have two powerful platforms dedicated to both male and female. The British Fashion Council are now showcasing menswear during London Fashion Week. The invite says, London Fashion Week Men’s a/w17 Previously titled London Collections Men (LCM ).

Hold on did we not just see this collection in June? Why would you showcase it again? Do men really want to see a collection a year before it comes out into the high street? And why is Burberry showcasing both female and male collections for the first time during London Fashion Week? Why is this happening? Is this a sign that dedicated menswear fashion weeks can not sustain its impact? That it can’t find investors to fund such a week. That the return of investment, is not worth it? Are dedicated fashion weeks for men over?

Unisex Is A Safe Bet

How many women in the world have the platform like I do? I can write about menswear, and I can write about women’s fashion. I can social media market  the safe collections now called, unisex. I can clearly see that designers don’t have the creative freedom anymore to just showcase a collection that may not work. The simple reason is, cash flow and investors are hard to come by these days. So I can only assume unisex ticks all the boxes, its a nice safe bet that caters for both sexes. With my two brands, I can choose what social media platform to use. I can separate the male from the female. I can write about any collection I choose too, it does not have to be unisex. I don’t need to play it safe.


London Lifestyle & Fashion Week

Way back in 2012, I was told I don’t have the knowledge, let alone the understanding about social media marketing. The answer to that is simple. These are my brands that I have created out of nothing. I may not have gone to university to obtain such a degree in marketing let alone social media.  However I assure you, I am a creative soul and a pioneer of new things, when it comes to exposing brands. Learnt everything on the way and now through fashion weeks and lifestyle I have platforms, that will get effective marketing results for both cars. hotels, gadgets and fashion.

With my unique innovative marketing style, I am very excited to be the first to create a week in where I can showcase through my social media influence.  Collections that represent men and women. For me dedicated fashion weeks for men and women have lost there foot hold in today’s market. It’s combining lifestyle and fashion together that has always stood the test of time.

Welcome to the first ever London Lifestyle & Fashion Week. Together with MenStyleFashion. Look at the engagement below so far. Even brands that have nothing to do with sponsoring me in.

My name is Gracie Opulanza and fashion weeks are a great way for you to promote your brand too.