Asudari – The Sporty Female

I’m a sporty girl and I like to show my real feminine side as well. Ice blue this year for women is the must-have colour. In will be going to an event in London soon and what does a girl wear when she will be literally on her bike with a three times downhill mountain bike world champion. I certainly have to up my game when I am riding with him. What does a girl wear when she wants to showcase her girly side?

What do women wear when the world will literally be staring at her. I like to try to be as edgy and talented as any sports stars. For me it’s simple, this collection by Asudari, which was showcased at the Dubai Fashion Week 2014, is all about practicality. This collection is superb for the elegant sporty girl. In fact I recently launched a new company called SportStyleFashion. I have to say the world champion women would rock in any of these styles.

Practical Versus Elegant

This collection is well suited to the everyday run-around-girl and the colours are so sweet and soft as we can be. I can assure you in my next interviews I will certainly be opting for some things within this collection.


Enjoy the collection below as it was displayed at last weeks Dubai Fashion Forward.

Dubai Fashion Week 2014  No Longer Exists

Fashion Forward is not a fashion week but a definitive fashion platform for the fashion industry in the Middle East. From identifying and fostering emerging talents to recognizing more established design houses, while furthering fashion debate, education and industry momentum. You may not be aware but there was a Dubai Fashion Week that is no longer exist now.


Photography by Maria Scard