Rami Kadi

Lebanese designer Rami Kadi’s passion for designing was obvious and we certainly can see that by this fabulous collection. This designer certainly understands what makes a grown girl smile.  It’s that Fairytale presence which is a girls dream. So much so even the models could not help but smile. You see that’s the power of fashion and these amazing dresses. If you wear the right gown that suits you, then you will be smiling every single time.

Models never smile on the catwalk, but I loved it when she was smiling. If it was me on that catwalk, I would have been in pure hysterics and skipping down the aisle in these gowns at the same time. Yes, this collection had that much power, it just remained with you throughout the day.

Walk That Catwalk Slowly

What is it with most catwalks these days? The girls walk down with such gusto and for us onlookers in most cases you have no time to appreciate anything. In this case, the models walked ever so slowly, made turns and made sure we felt part of the catwalk.

They walked with elegance and showcased these gowns as anyone would expect. A cheeky trip in one case for one model but it made it more endearing to watch. Gasping at the mouth for us women made it more appreciative regarding the work and the skill in wearing these gowns.

Rose Petal, Floral and Girly

Summer has a profound power about it. These gowns just stated summer glamour and elegance for 2014. The headpieces were as refreshing as flowers on a midsummer morning. Admire and dream your catwalk away. Congratulations Rami Kadi. As the song goes, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Dubai Fashion Week 2014  No Longer Exists

Fashion Forward is not a fashion week but a definitive fashion platform for the fashion industry in the Middle East. From identifying and fostering emerging talents to recognizing more established design houses, while furthering fashion debate, education and industry momentum. You may not be aware but there was a Dubai Fashion Week that is no longer exist now.