Jean Louis Sabaji Couture

Jean-Louis Sabaji is a Beirut based Lebanese designer, his first show ever was showcased in Dubai’s Fashion Forward and it got a wonderful feedback. Jean-Louis has been wanting to enter the UAE for sometime now and he finally did it after his fifth collection where he thought he was ready. It’s too early to say he’s influential in Dubai but he sure is on his way.

In the world of fashion there is that element of fantasy, fairy-tale and dresses that will leave one literally crying on and off that catwalk. Jean Louis Sabaji’s collection at Dubai Fashion Week, captured the very essence of what every women imagines to be. Elegant, powerful, passionate and bold. I am an extrovert at heart and every bit of this collection is what showcases me to be. It’s why I am called Gracie Opulanza, I love  everything opulent. I am over the top, out there and want to be known and seen.

Why The Red Carpet?

For us women the most accessible of these dresses are on display when super stars are wearing them on that red carpet. The reason we love the red carpet is:  it’s a time for us  girls to become fashion critics. We spend hours upon hours dissecting red carpet dresses. We love to break down cut and colour and fit to determine which stars looked the best in their fashion choices.

Who Is Wearing These Dresses Best?

Who are wearing these dresses best? Well for me if I dare say I am the smiley model. Always dramatic at the best of times, showing emotions on every level. If I had to describe myself as a collection right now it would be this. Jean Louis Sabaji has certainly showed the world what us women can be about.

I think all women look their best when they reflect how confident they are in their chosen dress. There is nothing worse than wearing a dress at a huge event and your are trying to squeeze into a dress so tight you can’t speak. Or in other cases wearing a neckline or hemline that just doesn’t feel like you. Yes it will make all the difference when you are on show. As the song goes, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. We are not trying to educate anyone, the world is most welcome to be inspired by anything we offer.

Interview With Rouba Souhaid Assistant Creative Director

Dubai is one of the most important fashion capitals in the Middle-East and it is growing because of many fashion organisations helping the industry get bigger. Investors are interested in the industry more and more.

The rose petal and red couture gown can easily be bridal dresses or ball gowns and since Jean Louis Sabaji is a couture designer they can be altered upon the client’s request.

The collection is conceptual with a story behind it, every dress is a statement. The Dubai scene and culture appreciate new and exciting ideas, they are seeking different types of styles and they are open to any designer who makes a woman dream in his gowns.

The amount of men designers is slightly above women designers and it’s maybe because men look at women’s body with another point of view since they are not in one. However women and men both design equally well and we have big names to prove that in addition to the amount of fashion designers emerging every day who are mixed, that makes us lose track of their gender.

This was a wonderful experience for Jean Louis Sabaji and he sure is going to be present in the UAE market where his work is appreciated.

Photography by Maria Scard