As some of you may know, I work with Sports Stars for SportStyleFashion. Due to me co-founding this vision, more and more I want to transform the way women are dressing at sporting events. For me right from the onset, this brand Asudari states Sporty Couture. When I hit the sporting events, I am shocked to see what the women are portrayed as. Check out MotoGP and the umbrella women. These are the women who stand next to the rider before he rides at 300km. Marketing has come along way for 2014 and I can’t understand why we are still being portrayed as sex objects. Why at top sporting events women are still wearing dated trashy outfits. We are beautiful and powerful on all levels.

Gracie Never IN VOGUE she is ahead of it

So I am a woman who can certainly set the trend let alone the standard of what to wear at a sporting event. I want to wear clothing that looks extreme and feminine. I want to look as empowering as I can whilst interviewing. These sports stars are so amazing and I want to show them that I can also be a woman of extreme influence. A woman of equal value and sophistication. For me right from the onset, this brand Asudari states Sporty Couture. In the world of sport, when I see what the women are wearing whilst reporting, let alone supporting male sport stars, can only be described as very dated and boring.

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Let me inspire you to embrace this label called Asudari because it’s in the everyday wear that us women are wanting to be seen in more and more. Some of the outfits certainly would be fabulous for riding your bike in style.

Asudari’s current collection states women in power on all fronts. Be inspired for us women in sport let alone on the streets want to flare how powerful we are.