I am working from home like many others during the lockdown phase 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now and then I do go outside on the country estate where I am currently based in Lucca Italy, and I just love shoes that I can easily slip on and off.
la Biennale Palazzo Mora venice
I am now walking the streets of Venice and they are super comfortable. The Vibram sole is super fab for grip waling up and down the bridges of Venice.
Slippers are out of the question as it is autumn, so for the first time in my life, I have decided to wear clogs instead. And not the wooden clogs found in Holland but leather ones by Caretti Shoes an Italian company that has a very long history in footwear craftsmanship.
crotchet dress Gracie Opulanza venice
The stay home shoes for 2020 has to be the leather clog due to the high-quality leather used for being comfortable whilst at home.

Caretti Clog Ingrassata Deep Forest

Three Weeks To Make

You can buy clogs around the globe but rest assured the quality and attention to detail is not the same as the Caretti manufacturing. The clogs are all hand made in Italy and the process takes three weeks to create by experienced artisans. Their sustainable message is that by ordering a bespoke clog it will last for years.

Caretti Clogs - Handcrafted Leather Shoes

Caretti Clog Rosso red parrot

Made In Italy

Supporting a product made from an Italian family is a priceless feeling. I was so excited knowing that the clog was getting made for me. It has been lovely liaising with the designers in the last three weeks seeing the process of my clogs being slowly made. It’s a priceless experience.

Caretti Clogs - Handcrafted Italian Leather Shoes

Choosing Your Clog Colour

The colours are endless and it all comes down to personal taste. I opted for the following three colours. Red is my favourite colour, I call my red clogs Ferrari red. Though on the Caretti website it’s called Parrot Red. Red for me represents a passion for life.

‘Being in lockdown I use fashion as a lifestyle to cope and make me feel happy.

Caretti Clogs - Handcrafted Leather Shoes Made In Italy 2020 (23)

What a beautiful Christmas gift idea.

Caretti Clogs - Handcrafted Italian Leather Shoes parrot red (2) christmas gift

Denim Blue

For my second pair, I chose the colour Denim Blue, due to the colour being very versatile. Denim Blue or Dark Blue goes very well with my denim pencil skirt, vintage Prada jeans or leather trousers and leggings.

Caretti clogs denim blue (2)

caretti clog vibram sole (2)

At this stage, the leather has to set roughly over two weeks for it to mould to the shape of the clog.

Caretti clogs denim blue (2)

Ingrassato Deep Forest

I am staying at Fattoria Mansi Bernardini surrounded by 5000 olives trees. For me, I had to opt for an olive green because olive trees and the green colour represent hope! Wearing green empowers me to keep working towards goals that I can achieve. On the website, it is called Ingrassato Deep Forest.

Caretti Clogs Parrot Red Deep Forest Caretti Clogs - Handcrafted Italian Leather Shoes1897 (2)

The Wooden Clog

Clogs are famous for the wood sole to be very heavy. But this is not the case with Caretti.  The brand has cleverly engineered the wood sole to be light in weight. Therefore walking around them all day long is not an issue and very comfortable with a stylish look.

caretti clog vibram sole

The sole has a firm grip by top brand Vibram which means walking around a Villa in Tuscany means my clog grip is firm and I won’t slip over.

caretti clog vibram sole (2)

Clogs For Life

We are all aware of the saying less is more. During 2020 many people have come to reflect that quality shoes are worth investing in. For the simple reason that shoes can last a lifetime thanks to Caretti.

It’s a lifestyle wearing Caretti clogs. I use them because they are very comfortable and indestructible. They are also perfect in the kitchen, whilst I cook. Or standing outside picking lemons from my lemon tree.

Caretti Clog lemon tree