Vintage fashion and styling have become increasingly popular over the years. It has in fact (dare we say) become mainstream. However this isn’t a bad thing, so don’t despair! It just means that you’ll need to go that extra mile to make your look totally authentic. In other words, if you want to ramp up the vintage factor, an 80s cardigan with shoulder pads alone just won’t cut it, your look will need more thought.

What better way to express your love of vintage fashion than to get your hair coiffed into a retro style? Or better yet, get your hair cut into a vintage style? This is the ultimate vintage-lover commitment outside of tattoos. It shows that you move with the times – which in this instance would be back to the glory days where hair was perfectly styled into pretty victory rolls and finger waves.

Mad Men - Megan Draper, The Mod-ish Sex Kitten vintage fashion (2)

A beautiful vintage style will really make you stand out from the crowd and for the right reasons too. Everyone loves to see a carefully styled outfit but people aren’t used to seeing wonderful hair let’s face it, most of us pull our hair into a top knot or ponytail, we’re not usually brave enough to experiment with new styles.

Vintage HairStyles

In a word, no! There are lots of different styles that you can experiment with. Soft finger waves that delicately frame the face, structured up-dos with landgirl style victory rolls, 60s beehives, Bettie Page style bangs (or fringes to those in Europe). These looks are edgy and feminine and define your style. Also don’t feel that you have to wear head-to-toe vintage clothing should you choose a vintage hairstyle.

Popstars such as Rihanna and Rita Ora combine vintage hairstyling with urban style clothes and this looks great as it provides an updated version of ‘vintage’.


Where should you get your hair styled?

The average hairstylist on the high-street isn’t likely to know how to create vintage styles and chances are if you ask for a Bettie Page fringe they either won’t know what you’re talking about or will cut a softer version of what you request. For some reason most hairdressers don’t like cutting this type of style; it scares them!  At Hiro Myoshi in the Ritz London won’t be afraid to do any vintage hairstyles.

So if you want your hair styled or indeed cut into a vintage style then please find a reputable vintage hair salons in London.

Rockalily Cuts

This new kid on the block is based in East London and provides everything you would ever want from a vintage salon: cool vintage staff, retro setting and relaxed atmosphere there’s even a cute dog to stroke! The girls know exactly what they’re doing and will even give you lemonade and a chocolate teacake while your hair is coiffed to perfection.

vintage hairstyles

The Painted Lady

Another East London favourite, The Painted Lady provides a cool yet unpretentious atmosphere. The place feels like a 50s parlour with retro furniture and nice warm lighting you won’t see soulless white fixtures and fittings here! Look out for the fox and the crow.

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Diamond Dolls London

Located in Islington, this concept store is half salon/half boutique. It’s all too easy to spend the entire day here – not only can you have your hair styled to vintage perfection but also your nails buffed and coloured and a bespoke dress designed bliss!

Dappa Boutique

This boutique in North London provides vintage styling for both men and women as well as clothing and excellent vintage hairstyling. The salon is discreetly tucked away at the back of the boutique – a visit here feels like you’re escaping the real world for a little while and entering a vintage fantasy.