So it’s finally time to turn in your old pair of shoes for some new sneakers or in Europe known as trainers. An exciting time to try new shoes, find a pair that fits you and one that would be great for you! You probably bought shoes before, so this wouldn’t be your first time.

But there are some important things to note when you’re looking at a new shoe. These are good to know when buying new sneakers because they would make the investment last longer and be much more worth it on your end.

jordan purple trainer Venice 2021

Types of Shoes

The type of shoe that you purchase is very important. Much more than the style, color, or everything else. The type defines the main idea of the shoe and it’s general-purpose (besides being footwear and protecting your feet).

There are many different kinds of shoes, some for running, climbing, walking, sports, and much more! You’d want to make sure the shoe you wish to purchase will cover what you want to use that shoe for.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Sneaker Trainer

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are for, well, more athletic purposes. These would be the shoes commonly worn by runners, basketball players, weight lifters, and many other athletes.

These shoes can often be found made by sports brands, like Nike or Adidas, and are often seen on athletes who are sponsored by the brand. Sometimes these brands even make shoes named after a famous athlete.

These shoes are often made with the athlete in mind, meaning that they are designed to have a sole to be comfortable and combat pain that may come from running or jumping. They often tend to be lighter, while offering a slight increase in the sole to allow the running to feel weightless while also providing great shock protection.


Here in Venice, the gondoliers wear white Nike trainers.

Skate Shoes

Skate shoes, or shoes for skateboarders, are often shoes worn for any common purpose. These shoes are often seen with people who skateboard or are in that genre or style of clothing.

These shoes are often made by more punk-like brands, like Vans, who make all kinds of skateboarding merchandise and support the skater scene.

These shoes often have well-balanced soles and are made to be comfortable. They can be used for running, but aren’t like their sporty counterparts that work to ensure shock resistance when running. They are light and seem to have a good grip which would be necessary for skateboarding or other activities like such.

Women’s Retro-Inspired Sneakers

Retro-inspired sneakers are shoes that are designed like any other sneaker, but a re-release of an older style or colorway. This means that they could be an older, more popular shoe that has been remade with better materials or with a new color.

These retro shoes are often influenced by their previous counterparts so if they come from a sports shoe they will mimic a sports shoe if it’s a skate shoe it will mimic a skate shoe. The only real thing that is changing is the color or materials.

These shoes are often re-releases or new takes on the classic like the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Court Purple’. These are the perfect blend of style and comfort, meaning they should be nice, supportive fits, that allow you to run or carry out normal duties without pain to your feet or damage to the shoe.

Air Jordan 1 Nike purple women's shoes

This summer everything purple is a, must have.

Chinese Westeria Tuscany gracie opulanza

How the Shoe is Made

Each shoe’s workmanship will be shown via the quality of the shoe. Aka, if it’s been made well with certain details in mind, like the sole or comfort, I’ll be shown through the shoe’s fit, shape, and duration.

These details play a big part and should always be kept in mind when choosing a new shoe.

Fit on Feet

The fit of the shoe is a very important aspect, as you wouldn’t want a shoe you pick to be too loose or too tight. Being too tight can cause blisters or other damage to your feet while being too loose would cause the shoe to not give you enough grip or risk falling off.

When your shoes don’t fit properly, it can cause stress to your shins and legs. This can cause shin splints and blistering to your feet, plus cause you to fatigue faster. You want to make sure the shoe fits properly on your foot both at rest and when active to get the most out of your shoe.

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Shape of Shoe

Shoes are often made with a one-foot shape in mind. The average foot has an arch that is not flat nor is too high. While flat-footed people require shoes with an added sole to give them an artificial arch to remove the pain or possible leg damage, and high arched-footed people need the reserve to prevent possible outcomes.

This is where shape comes into play and why it’s important to know what kind of foot you have before you purchase a new shoe. Sometimes shoes will be made with an added arch support or other details, but if not you’d have to deal with that problem yourself.

Duration of Shoe

Last but not least, any shoe you purchase is also an investment. Meaning that you are putting your money into something hoping that it will last a good amount of time. Shoes are investments that should last you a year or longer depending on how much you walk, how far, the type of terrain, and much more.

This makes the duration of the shoe a very important factor. Make sure to invest in both quality and style to ensure comfort for years to come. This means that you will get the most use and wear out of your shoes and get your money’s worth.

Gracie Opulanza Pucci print playsuit venice 2021 vintage (3)

I have walked three months every day in these white trainers here in Venice and they still look fabulous. On average around 10km per day.

Purchasing Your Next Shoes

You have to have shoes, and you are going to be going through a lot of them throughout your life. It is important to address certain qualities and ideas when choosing your next shoe as when you ensure the sneaker you are seeking meets these requirements you will have a better investment.

The qualities of a shoe you would want to look into are not just the type and style of the shoe, but how that shoe is going to serve you, fit on your feet, and how long it will last you to be worthy of your investment.