I hate beige as the colour is so dull and boring. it is a colour that ages me especially when I am turning fifty. But whilst in Venice, I noticed fifty ways of wearing beige at any age or in fact at fifty. It is a fabulous colour between seasons such as Spring to summer.

One of my favourite brands for wool beige coats is Max Mara. Their designs are not boring and very tailored. Like what Megan Markle in New York wore.

Boring beige can look fabulous like below even if you have just had a new baby and trying to cover up tummy bulge.

Beige Boots

Cowboy boots are ever so popular in this colour too. Team them with denim and a deep frill dress or top and it’s a fifty style winner at any age.

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beige Rialto Bridge

Like how she is teaming it with a black hat and black Birkenstocks.

Beige Trench Coat

Trench coats are so a staple must-have. I am seeing women teaming them with Dr Martins and it is the vintage colour beige that is a timeless investment.

Dr Martin Venice Trench Coat Beige

I love how she is trending chunk sole Dr Martins. With a black mask. You can wear beige with a floral bag and a green floral dress. A very easy way to incorporate floral into my spring wardrobe.

Dr Martin Venice Trench Coat Beige

Beige - How To Wear It At Fifty trench coat Gracie Opulanza (2)

I am in Venice so the weather can change a massive 10 degrees. So I have opted for the following. My base beige is a denim skirt. It actually has two base colour beige at the front and blue. Love this as I know my added colours are as follows. A blue vintage Hermes silk scarf. It is held together with a gold plated 1980’s Yves Saint Laurent scarf holder. Not common to find but I would recommend you invest in pieces like this.

Yves Saint Laurent Leather Clutch Bag

I bought this black Yves Saint Laurent Leather Clutch Bag twenty years ago. Just love it at the moment. This is the power of accessories they never date and look fabulous at fifty. And when you gain weight accessories still fit. That is the beauty of investing in handbags, brooches let alone shoes.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage bag Gracie Opulanza Venice

I also added Yves Saint Laurent blue vintage bracelet. These chunky accessories look fabulous with beige. I also added it with my beige crochet cardigan.

olive leather bag Tuscany

Beige looks fabulous with every olive green colour. in this case, my handmade leather fringe bag made in Italy.

Olive green weaving bag made in Italy

Beige With Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is a fabulous colour to team with beige. Dusty pink linen tops, skirts or even pumps look stunning with beige.

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In fact, every pink look stunning with beige.

Canvas Tote Bags

Very IT bag this summer for Dior, Chloe and Gucci. Is the leather beige tote bag. Perfect for styling with denim shorts and looking beige alta moda chic.

beige bag venice Chloe Tot

Gold Plated Jewellery

I invest in these items as I travel a lot. If I lose them which is the case I am not losing expensive items. I am a big fan of NKB London gold-plated accessories. You can get bespoke stones made too.

NKb London gold plated acessories Gracie Opulanza Florence sitting on a wolf art.

Nakibirango has many accessories to match your beige clothing. These pieces look fabulous with beige. Gold and beige are a ladies best friend.


Beige goes with any colour clogs. It is the most versatile colour to use as a base to update my wardrobe. it also goes well with linen white which I am wearing here. Experiment with beige there are many trench coats out there to play with.

If you have the figure, you can top for a Kim Kardashian, beige dress. Look fabulous in summer, with leopard print sandals or birkenstocks.

Kim Kardashian Dress Venice