One of my all-time favourite accessories is hats. Choose the right one and you can transform a rather drab outfit into something spectacular. The hat event that I most adore, that takes place at the world’s most famous racecourse, is, of course, the Royal Ascot. I mean, who wouldn’t love a whole week of sophisticated style and hat adoration?

The quest for every accessory loving woman is to find the perfect hat to match the occasion. To achieve this fashion goal your hat research for this epic event should start now. I have recently come across this fabulous website called The combination and variety of hats that this company has to offer is simply astounding and undoubtedly LOVEHATS are experts when it comes to matching the perfect hat to their customer.

A word of caution here. Ascot has made the rules and regulations you must abide by when choosing your hat very clear. If you get this wrong you will be refused entry to the race. But there is no need to worry when launched the Royal Ascot Collection 2012 will conform to all the rules. LOVEHATS will be creating a specific section on its website dedicated to the Royal Ascot 2012 as we get closer to the date.

Virtual Try-On a Hat

Meanwhile, LOVEHATS has launched its new web application called Virtual Try-On a Hat. This ingenious idea means that you can try on a staggering array of hats without ever stepping foot outside your front door. I can’t explain fully the absolutely fabulous time I have had using this application.

  • Initially, it takes a bit of time to navigate your face settings at the correct level, especially when you are using a webcam, but don’t rush this crucial step or you end up losing the full impact that this application offers.
  • Once you have got your face setting correct, the hat fun begins! The application is self-explanatory and seamless in its navigation, you can instantly e-mail your images to a friend or post them on your Facebook profile for everyone to see.
  • This is great because you can gather instant opinions about which hat suits your face the best. If you’re planning a girls-night-in get this website up and running and I guarantee you will have a blast, it really is fabulous fun!

Enjoy the images and don’t be afraid to tweet your views or leave me a comment on this page as to which hat you think Gracie Opulanza should be wearing.

Gracie’s Virtual Hats Experience

Lovehats - Virtual Try it on (5)

Lovehats - Virtual Try it on (10)

Lovehats - Virtual Try it on (13)

Lovehats - Virtual Try it on (15)