Last year at fashion week I noticed brands trying to entice me to rent a denim jacket for 25pounds a week. I instantly thought to myself. I can buy a denim jacket for that price.

Renting clothes in a world of fast fashion is tough to climb.

It is all about a sustainable message. Renting a garment is all about being more conscious of buying less and renting more. It’s all about buying clothes that last as opposed to buying up fast fashion items that don’t even last a season.

How many clothes have you bought and never worn?

Like all clothes from fashion brands that are designed to last. Renting them seems a better option.

“We are a strong bedrock of slow fashion. We believe in buying less and buying better,” says brand founder Fiona Hodges. 

Buying Clothes You Don’t Wear

How many clothes have you bought over the years that you’ve hardly worn? Or like me bought clothes because they are in the sale. To then realise I actually don’t like the item at all.

How many fast fashion brands have you got in your wardrobe only because you are trying to always keep up with the latest trends? To then find out it costs you more in cash than paying your bills. How many clothes debt are you in right now?  So the renting concept seems appealing regarding being able to give the item back. Opposed to it sitting in your wardrobe.

Rent Versus Buying - Would You Rent Clothes


The concept, of renting clothes will it save you time and money? The try before you buy concept is a good one.  Renting clothes gives you an opportunity to try new looks and be able to give it all back. So you will never get bored with your current wardrobe. I am confident if you like something that much. you just keep renting it. I am an impulsive buyer and buy the same shoe style over and over. I have around 55 boxes of news shoes never worn.

Even though I bought them at a great discount price. Does my shoe expenditure validate my lack of environmental awareness?

In where I keep buying shoes that clearly I will never wear in a lifetime.

Why on earth do I keep buying shoes as if my life depended on it?

Not sure renting shoes will be a good thing. But the thought of being able to rent clothes and for others to wear as well. Is a great sustainable message.

Damaged Rental Clothing

Renting clothes is a clever idea if one can get their head around the concept. I am not good with clothes. I stain them and I don’t treat them with love. So would the rental option be suited to someone like me?

I think not. As I would be always stressing about ruining the item I rented. Renting clothes for me would not be a joyful experience.

I did it once and it cost me more to dry clean the dress than it was to rent.

Charity Shop Versus Renting

Charity shops are great places to find designer clothes for a bargain. I have bought over the years luxury clothing like Versace, Prada, Gucci, and amazing YVL items. For much cheaper than I would pay if I was to rent them.

Owning clothes is all about the hunt and fun in buying second-hand clothes, It is very good for the environment.

Rent Clothes That Are In Trend

The issue here is people renting clothes want to be seen in the latest trends. I am not a trend follower. I actually wear clothes that are from seasons way before.

So the rental idea does not work for me. But for others, it’s a fabulous concept.

Haute Couture

To rent very expensive dresses makes sense. There are dresses in the thousands that one may want to rent only. Experience the brand for an evening. It really comes down to how much you want to show off at certain events. Luxury well-known brands are hard to find in charities. Also, there is that weight gain issue. So renting a dress means you can wear the latest trends in your size. Not have the stress when you gain or lose weight in knowing that the dresses that have been sitting there for months have not gone to waste.

I do wonder though for some women I included. It will take time for the idea of renting clothing. For me it’s a huge mindset change.

Rent Versus Buying - Would You Rent Clothes

Been conscious of the issue that fashion is one of the highest polluting industries regarding the environment. So renting is all about a trend that will either take off or not.

Carrie Symonds

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend, Carrie Symonds is a new convert and adamant to support the idea of rental clothing. She is in the process of banning fur fashion.

She is often seen wearing rental clothing. She wore a jacket from Temperley London renting whilst pregnant. Renting clothes as a pregnant woman is a great idea.

It will save you money and also as one’s body is ever-changing. Trying on your new clothes is a great mental health experience.

Carrie Symonds eco style fashion temperley london jacket

Renting clothing is also experimenting with one’s personal style.

If there are colours you are not confident in wearing such as orange. Renting knitwear that is long-lasting can be a positive way to recreate your wardrobe.

Time will tell regarding the concept of rental clothing. A trend or a fad or is this a revolutionary new way for women to shop?

Sustainable fashion is the biggest challenge any fast-fashion brand needs to take on board.

But can we turn back the clock where renting more are buying less?


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Rent versus Buying would you rent clothes