Whilst browsing on mount street in London I instantly noticed this boutique. Shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood certainly knows why us women want to buy high heels. These unique shoes are perfect reason for us girlie’s to wear them for any festive season.

Why do women wear and endure high heals?

The short answer seems to be that women in heels are more likely to attract favourable notice

In addition to making women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form.

“Men like an exaggerated female figure,” writes fashion historian Caroline Cox. The problem is that if all women wear high heels, such advantages tend to cancel out.

Height, after all, is a relative phenomenon. It may be advantageous to be taller than others, or at least not to be several inches shorter. But when all wear shoes that make them several inches taller, the relative height distribution is unaffected, so no one appears taller than if all had worn flat heels.

If women could decide collectively what shoes to wear, all might agree to forgo high heels. But because any individual can gain advantage by wearing them, such an agreement might be hard to maintain.

How to wear high heels this 2013?

Theses heels when going out for the evening, will get you noticed. By teaming these shoes with a very simple classic style dress. It’s the heel that will do the talking. Once you place a Nicholas Kirkwood shoe on, your outfit will be complete. They are a shoe for a fancy cocktail event. Whether it’s in your house or out and about these shoes are a perfect example of making you feel and look sexy and chic

Fashion caution make sure a taxi is in toe these shoes are all about showing off not walking a marathon.

If you dare and want to create a dress them down feel, team them with skinny jeans or leather  three quarters  for a modern-day ladylike look.

Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes Silver Shoes 2012

Rock chic leather outfits will work with these shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood  Shoes floral boots

Nice leather skirt will sort out these shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood  Shoes - Zebra

Very chic indeed team them with a fitted black suit

Nicholas Kirkwood  Shoes velvet purple shoes

What a perfect evening shoe for this coming festive season

Nicholas Kirkwood  Shoes black and white

Team this with a a black leather dress so in vogue this season

Nicholas Kirkwood  Shoes - Black & Gold

Fabulous with a black little dress

Nicholas Kirkwood  Shoes Orange Shoes

Perfect shoe to lift your spirits this season combined with a fancy cocktail. Mayfair comes to mind.