It was a rare moment indeed for us girls at London Collections: Men we were outnumbered but were we out styled? Not at all. The biggest trends were high ankle boots, anything leather and wide brim hats.

Fedora and Wide Brim Hats

If one trend has taken off this year in London it has to be the hats for women. The wider the more stylish it looked. The women mainly wore them with cropped jackets and the colour chosen was black. For me hats, this size was well overdue and it beats holding an umbrella. More so if you are having a bad hair day, the hat is a winner every single time.

Anna Dello Russo, London Collections men

Anna Dello Russo, at London Collections: men. Loving the hat.

Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Japan Editor at London Collections:Men 2013

Anna lives on blueberry juice and almonds and owns more than 4,000 pairs of shoes and has a house just for clothes. Vogue Editor for Japan.

Tweed Jackets

This timeless Chanel inspired jacket is a clear winner for last year let alone this year. It looks great with skirts, jeans and loving it teamed with leather. The only key to remember is to make sure the colour suits you and the length of the jacket is just above your waistline. It looks frumpy if worn too big let alone too small. Wearing a jacket over your shoulders, even by Sarah Ann, is a hot trend to adopt.

Tweed jacket for women at London Collections, men - Catherine Senor

Who says pearls are for the elderly? You look great Catherine Senor.

Ankle High Boots

Women were wearing these with skirts, leather trousers, jeans and anything that makes a statement. My favourites were gold. Good thing we didn’t have to walk too far to admire the men’s collections. Fashion caution, practice walking in them before you step out in the public.

High heels, ankle boots, London collections men

Wicked, cool and edgy

gracie opulanza, London Collections men wearing leather trousers

Loving the vintage Mink coat

Selfridges London, women's show department

Gracie Opulanza checking out the latest trends in Selfridges, before setting off to London Collections:Men

Paparazzi Fashion

Paparrazi fashion, london collection men

woman at London Collections men, 2013

Paparrazi fashion, london collection men

Paparrazi fashion, london collection men