If you love shopping and are looking for accessories, shoes and fake goods like Gucci and Dior. Then Platinum Mall is the place to shop for the latest affordable fashion whilst in Bangkok. It is situated across from Amari Watergate Bangkok. There are endless rows and levels of fashion for you to spend easy two days here. Don’t worry there is an excellent food court on the top floor and throughout the mall there is lots of coffee stops and fresh coconut juices or bubble tea.

What I liked the most was the lots of individual designs and incredibly low prices. You can access wholesale prices when you buy 2-3 items from one shop. I was later talking to a guy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that does a bi-weekly trip to Bangkok to purchase stock for his shop. So, put the Platinum Mall on your agenda next time you visit Bangkok. All that stop you see in Kuala Lumpar is coming from Thailand or China.

platinum fashion mall wholesale bangkok thailand

 platinum fashion mall wholesale bangkok thailand

Air Conditioning And Overpass Walk

Bangkok city is vibrant and always offers an array of Thai foods and fashion fun. There is an above-dedicated undercover walkway from MKB Centre, Siam Paragon and Central World, which covers you from that soaring heat. You can access the BTS air con Skytrain from any of these walkways. Plenty of food and beverages along the way to keep you rehydrated.

At Platinum Fashion Mall, the choices are endless when it comes to accessories. There are dedicated levels for shoes, handbags and an amazing variety of headbands to buy. The more you buy the better the price. The headbands are a take-off of Prada and Versace. Trust me I have compared the Asian brands to the luxury ones and the quality difference is not at all major from the real luxury brands, bar the price tag.

platinum fashion mall wholesale bangkok thailand

platinum fashion mall wholesale bangkok thailand

Accessories For All Trends

Endless amounts of necklaces, bracelets and leather bracelets to opt for. Great for gift ideas when returning back to Europe or Australia. The accessories are for all genders and are wonderful to purchase to head to a resort or an island like Ko Samui.

platinum fashion mall wholesale bangkok thailand

Menswear Football Shirts

The world cup is still in Qatar and there is plenty of knockoffs to choose from. If you are just a fan for two weeks it’s a nice way to become part of the richest sport in the world, European football. Then you can gift them away to loved ones. There is a dedicated level for menswear with plenty of shorts, t-shirts and trainer options. Even leather necklaces and bracelets for that added tropical travel as a digital nomad.

Dior And Gucci

If fake fashion is your mantra, the Platinum Mall offers excellent quality when it comes to fake tote bags. I was very impressed with what I saw when taking a closer look. The fake good quality for 2023 is truly amazing and hard to tell from the real luxury brands. The naked non-expert could not tell the difference.

Children’s Wear

Think tulle, princess and lots of pink. There is so much to choose from when it comes to dress-ups. Lor’s of Disney knock-offs and different items that are not readily available in the United Kingdom. The t-shirts, skirts and dresses are endless choices to opt for and wonderful presents for Christmas and birthdays.

Swimwear And Lingerie

Forgot your swimwear don’t worry there are plenty of options, colours and sizes to choose from. The quality is no different to Calzedonia in Italy. But the design and style are more playful. As for bars, underwear and lingerie, the variety will blow your mind and it is ahead of the fashion kerb when llokoking for new styles.  Plenty of styles to use on your Tik Tok.

Food And Bubble Teas

If you get hungry after browsing on the top floor are plenty of Thai and western food to choose from, like KFC. There are dedicated bubble tea stations with about forty choices of bubble and jelly milk tea. it is very overwhelming. Lots of Indian, Chinese and Thai food to sit and soak up your purchases. The area is always kept clean and has a fabulous atmosphere.


If you are wanting to be ahead of the fashion trend for summer back in Europe and the UK, Platinum Mall offers endless amounts of amazing goods for both retail, wholesale and personal use. The variety is second to none and when you shop at new malls such as Icon Siam, the goods are all the same the only difference is the price.