Learn more about homeschooling a child with learning issues. I am a former teacher who myself had and have learning issues. I don’t find learning new skills easy on any level. It frustrates me. My memory is also not the best when it comes to retaining stats, places and detailed knowledge on new issues. It’s just simply not my skill set.

I recognise this in my second daughter too. It’s why I can emphasize with her. How life is going to be challenging when academically learning does not come easy. But here is my point. I have achieved so much more than my academic friends who got high grades at school. What is the key to surviving life at any level? Technology paves the way for children with learning difficulties to succeed today.

Unlike my education, there is no need to fear not getting the right tools to help kids move forward at school. Children are always learning even if they think they are not.

By the way, you can help your children type “take my online class” and find out more ways on doing education tests while studying that would help them out so much.

Andorra Snow

Welcoming A Student With Special Needs

There is so much content to help out there for children who struggle to read, write do maths. Let alone remember facts and figures. Software and technology have made our minds lazy. Because if we need to remember items, find out where a new hotel is. Google is there to help.

I grew up with children who struggled at school, including me. I also taught children who struggled at school. I am fifty and the biggest challenge in life is not having a will to learn. No motivation to succeed at anything. And to be told that due to one’s learning abilities you may amount to nothing.

This is why I took my children out of mainstream education. It’s a dated destructive mindset to say to any child. Due to poor grades. Your future is nothing. Plus education today can be taught with technology.

The key to all of it is resilience and the will to stick at it. Motivation can’t be taught but it certainly can be guided.

What Type Of School Will do You Choose?

Go with your gut instinct. If you have the cash and truly believe private schooling is the way forward then go for it. Many parents during lockdown realised that value for money was very poor regarding private schooling.  It is important we input into our children’s social life as much as possible. To protect them from certain social dangers. But at the same time not rescuing them at every turn. This is the biggest challenge I face as a parent in 2022.  To emotionally step in is not good for a child’s life all the time.

I had to take my child out of the mainstream education because where I lived it did not cater for children who struggle with the chalk and talk way of education. Which I tell you is a dated way of learning. Education needs a massive revolution and fast. The classroom environment is too rigid for many kids of today.

Sitting all day long is not how kids learn. Telling them to sit all day paralysis their creative energy.

I have been homeschooling on and off for many years. But now thanks to covid my girls learn online full time. i want the flexibility to go to a museum or a zoo as part of their learning.

What If I Want To Homeschool?

How do you decide to home school? It all comes down to why you are doing it? We are digital nomads and love travelling. We don’t want to be confined to day to day traffic jams and the same cultures. That is why we do it. My daughters learn so much when we travel and meet and experience different cultures.  With our work which is all online, we have the luxury of choosing where we can live.

But you have to be disciplined in teaching them yourself. It is not for all as many parents discovered during the lockdown. Book outside activities to mix it all up. It also gives you a break as a parent from your kids. It’s hard work teaching your kids.

The balance is making sure you have connected an outside community and also kids can play with their peers. The key to learning is social interaction on many levels. This pandemic made many online resources better for homeschooling kids.

If you are up for the challenge and a complete lifestyle change, give it a try. You can always put them back in school at any time.

Homeschooling Isn’t For Everyone

It is not for everyone and I am finding it harder too. That is why I am open to change at any given time. It will be hard for kids to go back to the traditional way of learning. That is why I am willing to sacrifice other means to avoid my kids sitting with masks eight hours a day in school. Masks for children with learning difficulties are not good for their mental health issues. Covid-19 has made that very clear. It causes many kids anxiety and I am witness to that. The rise of mental health issues and depression is going to be an issue for us all. As parents, we must allow the time for kids to express their mental state of mind. Don’t ignore the signs. Mental health services are not the only option to seek.

Build a community of friends and ask for help. Going to church is a great way to meet other people.

The Educational Value of Isolation for Teens

Their father also teaches kids and he is an academic with an obsession with technology. Two extreme parents which is a fab combo.

What Is Homeschooling?

How we choose subjects that my girls like and we feel is needed for them. I am all about letting my children learn basic maths, English reading and writing. But when it comes to other activities it’s tailored specifically to their abilities. I am moulding them into what they know they like. If I knew what I know now about education. I would have chosen a whole different career path.

Watch and listen to your children and as a parent that guides me a lot.

Control as much as you can who they interact with. Positive peers give kids the confidence to do what they want. Also helps them with depression. Force them out of the home too and exercise is so hard for my kids who are not sporty, unlike me. Being involved as both parents are the key.

The danger of homeschooling is many parents don’t let their kids interact with the outside world. This is a big error.

Finding The School That’s Right For You

This all comes down to culture, finance and luck. My girls live in cultures that they have no association with. This is hard for third culture kids. I am now in Italy. Happy mum, happy family. The key is the mother needs to be happy and confident in the places she lives in.

That is why I left the public school and went travelling with my kids. It’s in my DNA, to try new adventures. Being in one place for months on end is not who I am and never have been. Kids lack concentration. I find 20min time slots for intense education works.

My child attention-deficit has developed over the years at her pace. That is the key to not getting frustrated with each other. But encouraging all the time to have a go, right or wrong. It’s the stackability in kids we need to teach. Not to be afraid to get it wrong. Children must not learn in fear and I had fear of inputting teachers which destroyed my confidence in learning.

Socialization And Transition

Young children need interventions from adult parents. It’s our duty to do so. Find routines that work for everyone. Homeschooling is all about resilience on many levels and discipline. I am far from perfect on that.
The learning environment is always going to be the biggest mindset change. We are all learning all the time even as adolescents.
It’s all about the child needs, healthcare and school settings.  Remember, homeschooling is not for everyone.
Caregivers can be found outside the school, like art teachers. Find people who can skillshare. I hate drawing so I make sure I find someone who can fulfil that skill set. Be honest with yourself as a parent you can’t be good at everything. It’s very rare people are.
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Rock climbing teaches them quick spurts of deep concentration. The attitude to keep climbing and it’s brilliant for fitness too.

School Years

My girls never fit into their school years. Young people find this hard. So with their virtual learning, I have to make sure their social interaction is not virtual all the time. So go to a public park, go to a dance setting or book in sports. There are so many kids who can interact outside homeschooling. But building new friends for the long term is all about luck and being consistent. My second child went to mainstream school for five years. She built no friends at all, as her social skills and language barriers. The big issue the school had no special educational facilities.
The friends she meets now are more catered to her social skills but it is hard still the same.
The key to life is just to keep moving forward no matter what. Having a routine and searching for special education services at all times.
The learning environment for homeschooling must be ever-changing. And make sure social interactions are balanced and in line with public schools time tables. Watch each child guide them and find that one thing they are good at and love to do. My second child loves dancing! We dance all the time, even when we are learning a new task.