Many parents are opting to homeschool. And rightly so. Homeschooling has plenty of benefits. But is homeschooling associated with better mental health? Find out here.

I have been homeschooling my children for a few years. I made the ultimate decision when covid-19 pandemic. I did not want my children in the classroom to be wearing masks all day. I am looking into the classroom right now and it breaks my heart to see children’s faces covered up in a public school. I can’t fathom the social interactions being affected by not being able to interact with their peers normally. For me, it’s the reason I took my children out of school.

Special Education Children

I also have a child with special needs and the stress levels of wearing a mask all day just simply do not work with her learning methods. She just does not cope during the schoolwork frame of wearing a mask all day. She does not have the capacity as a special education child during lessons when and where to take the mask on and off. Time will only tell what the effects of mask-wearing will do to a child’s characteristics. The way children with learning difficulties learn all comes down to individuals. Follow your gut instinct and do what is best at the time. Mask wearing for my daughter is terrible gagging of communication for her. She can’t read the room let alone hear what her teacher is saying.

Lucca Tuscany

My daughter was in Tuscany during the lockdown. We walked and studied plants.

Teenagers Wearing Masks

I noticed my teenager is at a stage of self-image. Not love how her face looks. She uses the masks wearing to cover her face. This has created a confidence issue. Also, many arguments of me asking her to take off the masks when it’s not needed to wear.

Many girls are wearing masks to hide their faces. The symptoms of this are all about decreasing bullying. The characteristics of wearing a mask have affected my daughter’s mental health.

It’s when I step in and other friends I trust also input her mental health mindset. We also see and noticed good positive different perspectives.

The Verdict On Homeschooling And Mental Health

Homeschooled students are always seen as different. The big issue is the lack of face to face social interaction. I get asked this so many times. How do my children cope with depression and homeschool situations? Do they have anxiety about not being around their own peers? I admit this is the biggest challenge of homeschooling. But speaking to other parents who have their children at school during this coronavirus. Many are suffering from anxiety, depression and the restrictions of social interactions both with the classroom environment and in the playground. They also hate the disruption of routines due to being sent home when a child is positive. Also the general population of loneliness and being tested on a regular basis, has created a fear inputting environment.

Homeschooling - What You Need to Know About Mental Health

Homeschooled Kids: Do They Get Smarter?

We are creating subjects that focus on my daughter’s interest in education. To guide her course on to what she wants to be. I find she learns more and is so much happier. Don’t force a schedule on your child that they truly are not good at or interested in doing. Make sure they can read, write and do basic math’s. As a former teacher, I noticed how many children don’t even know how to work out change when going shopping at

Homeschooled Kids: Do They Play Outside?

Depending on the season I make sure part of the schedule is they must do outdoor activities. So currently we are skiing in a resort. I find it’s hard to get my girls to ski. But when we do it’s amazing to their mental health. It’s important that less time they spend on digital devices it’s all about balance. I recognise the symptoms when my children need social interaction and to reinforce mental health issues and a good mental health balance is by parents being involved. Emotions and physical health are different experiences for homeschooled children.

Andorra Snow

Us going for walks exploring the snow. Enjoying apres-ski. We love to ski.

Let Kids Get Bored

Taking a digital device off a child will test anyone’s social skills. I do this and allow my children to get bored. And play board games, interact with us and do other skills like reading a book or writing a poem. Enforce is a harsh word. But My top tip is to enforce what you know your child needs on a daily basis.

Homeschooled Kids: Do They Get Lonely?

All young people get lonely. Mental health problems both at home and in the school environment is all part of a person learning. There is a shift between high school children and younger children. Younger children miss interacting face to face with other kids. And it can affect grade level education.

What Is Mindfulness?

To be a home school child is increasing. Older children have access to tik tok, Instagram and their worries and education research is based on these social media effects. But I have the power as a parent to change the narrative. I am confident mental illness amongst our youth is on the rise. The issue of gender is a massive discussion amongst my girls. I find it’s all about tik tok trends. Gener identification is at an all-time high debate. So as a parent it is important to see these changes when my children are amongst homeschooling families.

How Mindfulness And Meditation Can Help You Deal With Chronic Pain

I allow my children to react with other people to help their minds. They love doing swimming, yoga to deal with on occasion loneliness. Education research on homeschooling is happening now. As many parents and digital nomad parents are taking their kids out of school and even private school. Taking education into their own hands. Many parents notice the educational value of one to one education. And to use zoom to help kids become better and subjects they struggle in.

You’re Not Normal!

The United Kingdom and the United States are finding that homeschooling kids are the new norm. School closure has resulted in parents having a more outlook on the flexibility of remote learning. With constant interruptions of school closures, I have given my kids a solid stable education. I won’t allow disruptions of schooling to get in the way of my children’s mental health. I have been heavily criticized as a parent for homeschooling my kids. I have a lifestyle that allows me as a parent to buck the system of education. Education is dated and the transformation of universities, schools and the wy way we teach our children needs addressing. I was bullied so much at school. Did it help me become a stronger person?