School masks are a type of gap filler that is used for preventing children from catching colds. Scientific studies have examined their effects on children’s mental health.

I taught children in rural Australia and central London. I then was a business development consultant for teacher placement around central London. I visited schools in deprived areas of London to the richest private schools money could buy, regarding children’s education. But the key to a child’s education is communication with both peers and teachers. The eye contact and facial expressions knew how each individual could read the room.

School Masks Can Cause Anxiety And Depression

With masks warn both in and outside. Can a child and teacher be able to read the room? Can a teach no when a child is feeling happy or sad? Can a teacher note when kids are suffering from depression and anxiety with a mask on? Can a teacher even recognise a child’s name and face whilst wearing a face mask for eight hours a day?

Effects of School Masks on Children's Mental Health 

A Smile A Day Keeps Depression At Away

What are the long-term effects of these mask mandates thanks to covid-19? The social isolation for both kids and the teacher for young people can not be good. Let’s just think about it coronavirus and what impact is it having on caregivers and a family member.

These mask restrictions regarding social interactions are just terrible. People and kids need to be able to look at a person and know when the teacher or child is happy, sad in a bad mood. I know the power of a simple smile can be beneficial for young children. The childhood impact for face coverings especially for a child starting school for the first time. Needs to be able to see a kindergarten teacher facial expression at all times. To understand that when anxiety is taking over a child the caregiver is there to speak clearly.

How many times do I have to ask for a person to repeat themselves because I can’t hear them well?

Masks Falling On Deaf Ears

What about a deaf child? How on earth is mask-wearing assisting their learning and social interaction? The depression and anxiety for this child are already tough. what extra trauma is it doing to anyone’s social development?

Effects of School Masks on Children's Mental Health 

School Masks Can Cause Irritability

I have noticed long term mask-wearing what physically does do a child’s or teachers face. It’s like wearing san paper on your face. I find cloth masks much better. But in countries like Italy now it’s a band, What about if you like me struggle with exygen. When wearing a mask. I can’t fathom it. It’s horrible. Also, I wear glasses. What about kids in school that have to continue to wipe the fog from their eyewear due to mask-wearing? The bacteria building in these makes for kids all day can not be healthy? Especially when running around the playground in summer.

Hand Sanitizer

What is this doing to our kids using this liquid all day long? Germ building is brilliant for the immune system. I know when I was a teacher my immune system was strong. Now with this virus recurring like omicron. We seem to have to double mask and sanitize even more.

School Masks Can Cause Children To Isolate Themselves From Their Peers

My teenager is wearing a mask outside when she does not have to. How many school children are doing this to hide their faces. Not think they are beautiful. Or watching tik tok trends. I know my daughter does it when she is feeling low, anxious or depressed. She wears it when she does not want to interact and loves to isolate herself. The impact of social media and the emotional development of wearing a mask is long term damaging to children’s communication in society.

The Seriousness Of The Situation

according to the same seroprevalence data cited by McMorris Rodgers, death rates are approximate “five to six per million in children,” Høeg noted. Unvaccinated children have nearly the same risk for hospitalization as fully vaccinated adults ages 40 to 50, she added. SARS-CoV-2 is generally “not as severe in children as adults,” said Lee Beers, MD, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), but countered that “lower risk does mean no risk.” “To date, more than 5.5 million children have been infected by the virus [and] since the start of the pandemic. Over 21,000 children have been hospitalized and 480 children have died as a result of COVID-19,” she said, citing data collected by the AAP and the Children’s Hospital Association. Beers noted that in many instances these deaths could have been prevented “through safe and simple measures.

Effects of School Masks on Children's Mental Health 

What To Do?

In Florida and through facebook and broadcast. We must debate even in the united states the long term impact fack maks are having our children. What about children with heart rate problems? For children who have asthma what is that doing to their oxygen

Should teachers share at school board meetings the harsh reality of children wearing masks all day long? The universal indoor masking of children globally? How is this impacting their education and social interaction skills? Should a vaccinated child have to wear a mask at all?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Are masks effective for children at school? The short answer is, “Yes.” “In settings of very high mask use, the in-school transmission of the coronavirus is less than 1%,” says Adam Hersh, MD, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at University of Utah Health and Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital. “

Should we not now after two years reassess the above research regarding a child mental state by wearing a mask at school all day?

This mask-wearing narrative can not continue within schools. The long term trauma regarding mask-wearing can not be ignored. Kids developing need to learn the art and skill of social interaction. Not gag wearing masks that don’t allow any child to be seen.

In countries that can’t afford masks where children are not wearing masks. How is it that death rates are not soaring due to this pandemic? They don’t even test so we can’t really say or no?

Places like India, Africa and Pakistan can’t afford masks and have never thrown billions at a virus-like the west.

Homeschooling Versus Mask Wearing

I homeschool due to the rules of regular testing and mask-wearing at schools. Homeschooling increases is why so many parents are taking control of reading the room until this mask-wearing mandate is stopped. I had Covid – 19 and so did my partner. My children to date have never got Covid 19 and we never self-isolated them from us. Which we were told to. I was asked in Italy to rent another house so my 13 and 11-year-old could self isolate for 15 days and sleep and cook for themselves. It’s a good thing common sense rules the roost in my house. But I know for many they literally don’t read the situation and do what science is telling them?

My child has learning difficulties, she would wear a mask day and night if you told her to. Her mental state of mind hates wearing masks she gets very frustrated by it. She suffers from anxiety learning and it’s why I had to take her out of the school system. Mask wearing just escalated everything.