How financially robust is D&G? Why did they opt to sponsor all the Kardashian family into the first summer wedding since 2019.

How do you feel about Dolce & Gabbana capturing the real essence of La Dolce Vita here in Portofino? By using reality TV stars from America. Why are all the luxury Italian brands including Gucci, targeting the USA?

6Koutrney Kardashian Dolce Gabbana

The Russians aren’t buying and the Chinese are in full-on lockdown. The spending budgets are gone. The Europeans don’t spend like the USA.

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker the right message to market this luxury Italian brand? Wearing a corset as a bride is a genius and very IT wedding dress.

I have been to many Italian weddings so I do ponder how much catholic church going Italians found the Virgin Mary on the veil offensive? For me, it shows D&G are struggling to sell clothes. I can from first-hand knowledge that anything Dolce & Gabbana on the second-hand platform called Vestiare does not sell well at all.

Gracie Opulanza wearing Dolce gabbana skirt in a vintage mustang (1)

My D & G skirt with Portofino on it.

Virgin Mary Lace Veil

How many generations of Z know about catholicism. How many know about the mother of Jesus, called Mary? This lavish showbiz wedding is all about staging summer wedding trends in Italy. What a brilliant move by the gay guys. Who used the idyllic backdrop, Italy itself to market their latest collections.

Which would you prefer? The photo I took last Saturday of a bride here in italy.

wedding bride in Tuscany church

It all comes down to personal Billie Eilish taste.

The Corset & Lace

Gen Z is gonna love this. Wearing lace and a corset into a church is all about rebellion. In fact, the wedding dress is a lingerie message.  Then slap the Virgin Mary’s face on that lace veil.  You have a perfect earthquake of utter disgust from any serving catholic. Wonder what the pope would say?


But this is the clever part of the gay guy’s strategy. Creating offensive fashion targeting a worldly religion of a  very conservative catholic culture. The dress design is not for the European market it is for the self-entitled Americans. Who lives in a bubble themselves.  Combine it with social media gurus, The Kardashians have no clue about everyday living. Their business and fashion is all about hard sell and living in a cosmetic world of change.

This Italian fashion house has always been about lifestyle marketing. Selling the reality of Italian living. Many people want to get married in Italy like the wedding I went to this weekend. Portofino harbour has a spectacular view over the Mediterranean sea.

seaside Forte Dei Marmi Tuscany - The New St Tropez For Italy

The Med Coast, on the way to Portofino. D&G Yacht would be sailing up here for the wedding day.

Tuscany Italy Florence

That Veil

If a trend has been set it is all in the detail, length and message of that veil. We can see the luxury house making a valid point about the importance of a veiled statement. The veil maketh the dress. There is somewhat a Maddona 1980’s song  Like A Virgin scene, message happening here.

Everything tik tok for Generation Z is all about the 1980s. Bang on another marketing brilliance here for the bride to be. How many young ladies are now going to buy a veil and a corset as a wedding dress?

Catholic Symbolism

Visit Italy and which is surrounded by fresco churches and everything Virgin Mary. How does a luxury fashion brand highlight the DNA of religion here in Italy?

In this case, they decided to put the Virgin Mary all over each Kardashian’s body. For this reason, Gen Z will be enticed now to buy everything with a symbol of Mary.

I did notice that the priest was fake all suited and booted in D&G. These two homosexuals know their cultural boundaries regarding not to offend the Pope himself.

If we are going to preach the good news to a new generation, fashion and this fake way of life is a new angle for sure.

As disconnected as the Kardashians are from reality. They sell products.  It’s a genius way of connecting with a new generation of youth. Dolce & Gabbana are in financial desperation against Gucci. They need a new way of business selling their clothes.

HomeWare From D&G

D&G launched homeware during the lockdown. So a wedding such as this is all about promo kitchenware for your future bride and groom. It is all that we bought for the last two years is crockery and household goods.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3) kitch

Staged Marketing

From the suit, bags labelled Travis, were conveniently been showcased as the Milan staff walked up the steep stairs for Travis to step into. Italy is full of steep stairs and for the best sea views, one has to wear everything leather shoes made in Italy. Fashion has struggled and will continue to because of inflation, food prices and the cost of living.

What middle-class family would buy a D & G lace veil or a dress with Virgin Mary on it when we have a Ukraine war happening so very close to Italy?

There is this fine balance of Beckham weddings, Kardashian Marylin Monroe wearing iconic dresses. but the reality is Tik Tok obsessive Americans need the drug of fake lifestyle weddings.

In an obsessive world of reels, everyone is seeking escapism of opulence. Which I predicted last year would happen in the summer of 2022.

Kris modelled this exact bag during the wedding. I also wore it last week at Forte Dei Marmi.

Dolce Gabbana Courtney Kardashian wedding

Poverty Brings Creativity

As we are all been forced to slow down even more. Not being able to travel and buy into the Kardashian lifestyle. One has to be super creative when it comes to their own weddings. Celebrity endorsement weddings here in Italy are a must. From James Bond To Tom Cruise let alone Sharon Stone.

Italy is a nation that can command the arrogance of luxury lifestyle, food and fashion.

Whether you find this a desperate inappropriate short bridal dress for 2022. Or Virgin Mary trash for amer5icans. At least we are seeing luxury Italian brands forced to make an effort for the big sell.

The big recession is coming, war is happening and food shortage is our reality. Yet these filthy rich brands and families have no idea the reality of what is coming and simply don’t care.