What has caused a linen TikTok of over 451,000 likes and counting? What is “Coastal Grandmother”?

Who does it really apply to?

Coastal Grandmother refers to any age, so long as you love the calming vibes of celebrities like Ina Garten and Nancy Meyers movies.

While “Coastal Grandmother” can also apply to home decor and other aspects of a chill, elderly lifestyle, fashion is one of the best parts. Time to raid your grandmother’s linen. That is very easy to do here in Italy.

Where better to trend here in Italy than in the rich seaside town called Forte Dei Marmi.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Linen for men

The Linen Nap Dress

Bridgerton on Netflix has created another new style and linen trend. It is called the nap dress. One of my grandma’s vintage linen finds is that I can take a nap in the dress as it’s super comfortable and large enough to sleep in. It’s about fifty years old and the quality is second to none. Team your linen with a bling headband for a summer trend.

Gracie Opulanza headbands 2022 bling jubilee

bike style

How To Spot Vintage Linen?

It is a simple just venture into Italian markets and listens to the Italian ladies scouting for high-quality linen. Not only can you see the quality I can also feel it. There are different grades of linen quality. the best in the world is vintage. But Italy sell lots of linen, I like the brand’s Max Mara and Brunello Cucinelli. They create classic styles for all sizes and ages.

Why Brunello Cucinelli is expensive?

I have personally visited his Villa in Umbria. It is a stunning place to experience. All his collections are Made in Italy – by very highly skilled craftsmen. The fabrics are of high-end quality and so is the workmanship. Before it goes on sale every item is carefully finished and hand-checked.

Linen Max Mara collection 2022 (3)

2022 linen collection for this summer Which is very popular here in Tuscany.

Linen Max Mara collection 2022 (3)

No gender is defined.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips (3)

Loose, flowing linen is a staple, with linen shirts becoming a must-have for men and women, regardless of age or coastal-local. Here in Forte Dei Marmi every age including generation Z loves wearing linen. Linen keeps you cool in Spring and Summer.

linen for men

Underneath the linen dress or shirt, everyone is trending beachwear collection Lurex crotchet. So if your linen is see-through one can only imagine the handcrafted work that has gone into creating this swimwear.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Lime linen green is very popular in Italy. Also in Spain too.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Romantic Chic Femininity

Locals here in Forte Dei Marmi, ride through the luxury streets. Whilst exercising I noticed a desire not to go unnoticed, underpinning linen blazers, trousers and shorts. From pristine white shorts to chequered trends, are a must trend to be wearing in Tuscany. Linen outfits that celebrate summer, exalted by gaudy coloured earrings in Swarovski crystals and natural stones: coral, turquoise and mother of pearl.


Italians always trend an effortlessly classic style when it comes to linen wear both on and off the bikes. Here in Forte Dei Marmi because it is so flat many Italians ride and shop.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Below are the latest 2022 trends. One can easily team it with a linen blazer. Peach and dusty pink combination works well.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Shoe Styles

Men love their sockless loafers with or without tassels. And women have a desire for showy flat sandals with lively later Afro tassels. Or for the more daring seductive, sparkling cloth sandals. At fifty I prefer a clog as I can ride the bikes or walk the streets here in Forte Dei Marmi.

Then slip into some other clogs for a seaside swim. To enjoy breath-stopping views from the Tyrrhenian to the Apuan.

clogs TODS leather clogs TODS leather

These cloth sandals look so stylish with linen. and a fabulous floral contrast too. Linen is easy to add colour accessories into the frame.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Linen Is Eco -friendly

Linen lifestyle is all about an engagement in an ongoing dialogue with the natural environment that enfolds in a green embrace.

I am wearing my grandma’s linen dress. It feels and still looks amazing.

Twin Set Linen

The lace edging is also very popular this year amongst cotton wear. Her outfit is not linen it is super hot in summer.

Here in Italy women and men noticed high-end linen. I have a long cotton dress featuring decorative lace inserts and asymmetrical lines for a stylish, trailing train effect in a Tropez mood. Here in Italy, the alfresco dining set is all about the use of high-end table linen cloths too. The linen cloth below is about 50 years old.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardo outdoor eating (6)

So the two are very much interlinked when it comes to wearing the linen lifestyle and eating off linen too. I am sitting in a linen nightgown whilst writing and sipping prosecco in my Tuscan villa.

Here in Italy Linen is like pasta the two are never far from each other. An intertwined love affair of cotton and food. The linen jacket I am wearing is all handmade.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardo outdoor eating (1)

The combination of alfresco dining alongside wearing linen for summer is a match made in fashion heaven.