Steel Magnolias is the play and film are about the bond a group of women share in a small-town southern community, and how they cope with the death of one of their own.

What I loved about the movie was what women were wearing over the age of fifty. The inspiring characters that dressed amazingly throughout the movie taught many some fashion lessons when over fifty.


The characters were never afraid to wear colours. Normally over fifty one is told to wear black as its more flattering and slimming.

Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style

At this age, a woman’s confidence is set and she does know what colours work well. As the saying goes, she wears the clothes, not the other way around.

The hat selections portrayed throughout the movie were stylish, elegant and an array of designs for each facial bone structure.

Floral Prints

I was amazed at how many floral outfits and dresses were worn throughout the movie. How fitting the dresses were for all body types. This is a beautiful example that age has no limits when it comes tofloral prints.

Leopard Prints

A great print for ladies over fifties. There is something to be said about this print teamed with silver hair. it’s a nice print to highlight a confident lady who clearly knows what she is seeking in life at this age. If you are unsure then rent a few prints to find out if you like it or not.

Mean In Green

How many styles, shapes and examples of green has been worn on the screen? Several examples of how elegant and feminine this tricky colour can be worn especially over fifty. From green cardigans to trench coat to blouses. Thanks to these ladies I have fallen in love again with green.

Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style

Wedding Attire

Loved this dress for its large polka dots and the shoulder design. I think this dress looks so beautiful and elegant on. Weddings are events for celebrations and over the fifties should not hold back trending their own personal style.

Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style fashion (15) wedding


The way they wear pearls with different styles just completes the overall outfits. At fifty pearls need to be embraced with a modern and confident edge. It is all about experimenting with pearls that you like. Small or chunky pearls look elegant but you have to feel confident in them. Pearl earrings are a nice way to start wearing pearls. You can opt for a keshi pearl too if you want to be bolder.

Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style fashion (15)

Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style fashion (15) pearl

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets can be worn over fifty and these are wonderful examples of tight-fitting denim can look smart as day wear. Juts understand your body shape so it suits your liefstyle.

denim jackets Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style fashion (15)

Steel Magnolias- Women Over Fifty Iconic Style fashion (15) onesi

As for a denim playsuit who says you can’t rock the look over the fifties. Wearing a puffy jacket is why this look works. I like how she has teamed it here with a fake fur jacket. And look at her costume earrings. It’s a great example where glamour meets comfort.

These ladies have taught us that when one reaches fifty it’s fashion that does not rule the roost. It’s the women putting the outfits together that counts.