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Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz at 42 looks youthfully amazing. What is it about Rachel Weisz style that has captured our and Daniel Craig’s hearts? The first impression is how she looks so sweet, innocent and alluring, she radiates sexiness. Where does she get her looks from? Her beauty background came from Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe; her Viennese mother and her Hungarian father.

Married to James Bond, Daniel Craig. No Time To Die!

Mother to his second child. Always wears black and loves to trend Tough Glamour.

Her Style

Rachel is a perfect example of natural beauty and one that she embraces and makes sure she highlights. Rachel certainly follows trends. She knows what style looks good on her. Her outfits always work well together and she teams everything with balance. Her handbags seem to be large and plain.

She is a fan of tight skinny jeans. Her choice of boots are comfortable, mainly ankle in length and normally dark. She loves wearing aviators and her hair always looks natural and the curling aspect is very feminine. Her petite appearance and figure is tiny and very alluring.

Rock Chic

She regularly attends heavy rock concerts and this is reflected in her choice of colour she wears often, that being black and grey. Her make up is always natural and don’t we love her thick eyebrows. Her photoshoots resemble a darker side of her and I adore how she is always portrayed in a beautifully mystique way.

Red Carpet

She resembles that old  Hollywood glamour and reminds me of Brook Shields. She always wears tight gowns and with her figure it is essential. Her taste in style and colour is very rich and shimmery. She looks amazing in metallic colours. Her hair is worn mainly straight and her smile just finishes the glamour image she naturally possesses.

More exciting is how she will be portrayed in her new movie “The Bourne Legacy”. trending leather and studs and the updated version of the women in the matrix.

Weisz revealed. “Basically, in ‘Bourne,’ it turns out that you do your own stunts.

Whatever your taste in clothing or appearance, Rachel Weisz is an illustration that no cosmetic surgery can match natural beauty.

Rachel Weisz - strapless dress

Rachel Weisz - mesh dress

Rachel Weisz black, the bourne legacy

The Bourne Legacy

rachel weisz, daniel craig black jeans

Skinny jeans, aviators, ankle boots and a large bag.

Tough Glamour

Always showcases a very regal tough glamour in her style.

Rachel Weisz black, the bourne legacy

Smokey-eyed make-up by Mac makeup.

rachel weisz black lace dress

The perfect Snow-white, she is. For 2022, Gal Gadot to play evil queen in new ‘Snow White’ The Israeli actress reportedly in final negotiations for a role in live-action Disney remake of an animated film based on Grimm Brothers fairytale

disney snow white - Rachel Weisz

Would make perfect sense to get Rachel to play the role of a late actress in her fifties.