ZARA & Christian Louboutin red sole debate

Christian Louboutin is seeing red literally. He was born in France and grew up in Paris where he first realized his interest in fashion. He has been trying to defend his red sole trademark for a while now. He is certainly seeing red after a  French court approved the dominant label called, Zara the red light to slap red soles on whatever they like.They even ordered Louboutin to pay Zara 2,500 euros ($3,600) as compensation. This may seem nothing but Louboutin net  worth is £85million. He has acquired this wealth through his high-end women’s shoes. By patenting his trademark red soles. His shoes have been declared the Most Prestigious Women’s shoes three years in a row.


Zara have won the right to sell their red-soled heels  which Louboutin said copied their Yo Yo slingbacks. So Is it game over for Louboutin?

ZARA & Christian Louboutin red sole debate


Define the colour red?

To someone who is  label conscious a red sole is pretty instantly recognizable as Louboutin. So is red dead for Loubouton? In the scheme of things it must be very hard for a label to realise that the colour red comes in many different forms. This is where the continues debate lingers on between to the two extremely different labels, but equally as powerful.

However know one can ever replace the amazing shoe designs and red sole brand as Christian Louboutin. I’m a fan of the real thing not imitations.

On a fashion front isn’t everyone copying everyone’s style these days? RUN YOUR OWN RACE AND IF YOU CAN AFFORD THE REAL THING  I KNOW WHICH ONE I AM BETTING FOR.

Christian Louboutin collection red sole

Chrsitain Louboutin, red sole trademark

Christian Louboutin Winter 2010-2011

Christian Louboutin Winter 2010-2011


ZARA  shoes orange 2012