The unique visionary spectacles that magnify your reading power and your charm in the blink of an eye. Fassamano are the new Italian made reading glasses to be worn around the neck, like a precious jewel and brought close to the eyes when needed.
In an instant, with an elegant and chic gesture your Fassamano will let you clearly close up and read a message on your smartphone or a restaurant menu or that small detail that escapes the eye.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Handcrafted In Italy In The Venetian Eyewear District.

A group of entrepreneur friends and designers with a shared need: to create a unique visionary
reading accessory, to wear any time and always ready to use.

The spark of the idea behind Fassamano happened at a dinner in Milan where, chatting about history, art, design, fashion, while sipping an excellent wine, nobody could read the wine’s label written in font 8.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Combining their experiences and professionality, after a year of studies and design prototyping, they gave life to Fassamano, unique, unisex, and visionary spectacles that magnify one’s reading power and charm, in the blink of an eye. Fassamano is designed to read at a glance a menu, a text, or a fine detail without the need of wearing reading glasses or to look for them in your pockets or purse. Fassamano sheds a new insight into the world combining design, functionality, and elegance.

The brand that belongs to Fassamaneria srl based in Milan, is completely handcrafted in Italy in the Venetian eyewear district (Made in Cadore) .

Fassamano The Definition

Fassamano, from the French word “face à main”, recovers shapes and gestures of the early eyewear of the 13th century. Fassamano rewrites the history of reading glasses with a touch of contemporary glam, slide them up with intriguing charm.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Chic Design

Fassamano is a chic trait of distinction and the only visionary accessory which not only makes a virtue out of a need
but also creates a unique style, combining elegance, functionality, the excellence of materials, and contemporary design.

Unique and timeless, these round frames are made of Italian Mazzucchelli 1849 quality acetate. The metal part is in German silver, laser cut with galvanic treatments and protective varnish.

Fassamano weighs only 20 grams.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Reading Elegance

The Fassamano is worn around the neck like a precious jewel. It is ideal to read at a glance without having to wear glasses or
look for them in your bag or in your pockets.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Corrective Lenses

Fassamano is ready fitted with corrective lenses included, that can be brought close or far from the eyes thus finding the perfect reading focus for lens strengths correcting the range below +1.00/+1.50/+2.00/+2.50/+3.00

Fassamano can be customized with personal lenses thanks to the patented rim closure.
Registered model.
Ready to use reading glasses
Size: mm113.5 X 43.6
Weight: 20 gr
Interpupillary distance: mm 58,6
Class I medical device
Product CE comply with EN
4139:2010 Standard and according to with the European directive 93/42/ECC

Spotted Green Havana / Polished clear gold
dioptres +2 : FF_AV_GG.01
dioptres + 3 : FF_AV_GG.01/+3

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Co-branding Chains

Laura B is a famous Italian designer based in Barcelona. Specializing in the creation of high fashion handcrafted products, the distinctive feature of Laura B is the care for details, handmade in her atelier and her creativity. Laura’s signature is mixing different materials combining the mesh with stones, chains, crystals, leather, and silk.
Ambrosia Since 1969, Sharra Pagano is the leader of extraordinary. This brand realizes made-in-Italy handmade bijoux in surprising and sophisticated materials, in different styles and tastes.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Packaging Design

The vacuum packaging is designed for e-commerce shipping and delivery requirements. It minimizes shipping costs while maximizing protection and reducing waste. Inside the packaging, you will find a cord in hypoallergenic waxed cotton for your Fassamano, a microfibre pouch that can also clean your Fassamano lenses, a designed postcard, and a short story about glasses.

For an additional choice of the pack for a precious gift, here is the Gift Box. It can also be used as a precious Fassamano case, to keep open on the desk or next to the jewel case. Covered cardboard box, with the printed logotype. Inside in shaped foam.

Fassamano Capri

I chose Fassamano Capri it is my favorite colour for the year. I love the polished clear gold. Great for reading wine labels. Owning a pair of these stylish reading glasses is all about living an opulent lifestyle.

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold

Microfiber Pouch

Fassamano is delivered with a microfiber pouch, and hypoallergenic hand-waxed cotton cord and the instructions to assemble it around the laser-cut unique keyhole, to be in a few minutes. I was ready for chic reading!

Fassamano Capri Polished clear gold