Cutler & Gross, if you need a variety of sunglasses then this label is for you. British, Cutler and Gross eccentric, chunky sunglasses have been embraced by the international fashion world (you can google their pop-cool optics on Madonna, lady Gaga, among other style icons). The retro appeal and signature quirky colors of these exquisitely made sunglasses are a must have this 2012.

Cutler & Gross Manufacturing

Cutler & Gross are only one of the few global eyewear companies still manufacturing entirely in Italy in its own controlled factory. They bought a 25yr old family run factory and have reinvented as their own. To avoid any confusion, “handmade in italy” is no longer used to label products, but reference is made to the unique factory in italy where frames are produced: “handmade by C & G Italy”.

Their manufacturing process adheres to the tradition of handmade eyewear, each pair undergoes a painstaking three-week hand-finishing process that gives them a distinctive, rough-hewn, one-of-a-kind quality. Their core designs focus on timeless and classic eyewear, so you could wear them year after year.

Cutler & Gross Spring Summer 2012 Collection

This Spring /Summer 2012 collection is fantastic once again for women. They certainly have embraced the 1950’s look. The chunky frames are a huge hit for this summer. Their choice of colours are different from any other collection out there. The lace effect frames are so original and a must have this year. Whatever the occasion you can never have too many quality sunglasses.

Website: Cutler & Gross

Cutler & Gross - Lady Gaga

For the eccentric women

Rita Ora Cutler & Gross

So vintage, so now

Cutler & Gross Eyewear

Cutler and Gross WOWZERS Collection by Martyn Ba

Cutler & Gross Retro styles sunglasses

How gorgeous are these chunky frames

Cutler & Gross Retro styles sunglasses advertising Campaign

I’m chic, I’m hip, I’m so needing these darling

Cutler & Gross  styles sunglasses advertising Campaign

70’s vibe, so cool

Cutler & Gross Erdem sunglasses advertising Campaign

Lace is all the rage this 2012

Cutler & Gross X Erdem  styles sunglasses advertising Campaign

Chunky frames are so cool this 2012