Discover the captivating allure of Dior’s latest pearl collection, now available in Mumbai. This exquisite collection revolutionizes the perception of pearls, transforming them from traditional accessories to modern statement pieces. With their luxurious and generously sized pearls that emit a luminous radiance, these jewellery items effortlessly enhance any ensemble, making them ideal for various events and occasions.

I have been wearing pearls for the last twenty years. But I buy mine in South East Asia, they are freshwater pearls and the bigger the better for me. Freshwater pearls are more suited for a youthful, modern and edgy appeal.

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In the fashion industry, pearls have made a comeback, dispelling the notion that they are exclusively for older individuals. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior pre-fall collection, unveiled in Mumbai, featured an astonishing 99 looks, all tastefully embellished with pearls. The inclusion of pearls in each outfit added a refined and contemporary touch of elegance.

I am convinced the funeral of Queen Elizabeth and all the royals around the globe wearing pearls, is why Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior pre-fall collection, was created.

Ditch The Grandma Pearl Myth

Contrary to popular belief, pearls do not require extravagant embellishments or settings to maintain their relevance. Chiuri emphasized that pearls have become a powerful symbol of the new wave of feminism, challenging stereotypes in a contradictory manner. It is interesting to note that pearl necklaces are not exclusively adored by women, as men also appreciate their beauty.

In her collection, Chiuri carefully selected and arranged elegant pearl necklaces to create a visually stunning effect. By combining strands of varying lengths with glass and metal rods, she added a unique touch to these timeless pieces. The versatility of these necklaces allows them to complement a wide range of outfits, including ribbed vests, bead-encrusted shifts, cotton blouses, silk shirts, and flowing evening gowns.


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Modern Pearl Style Tips

The collection had a modern aesthetic that was hard to ignore. The timeless beauty of pearls always leaves a lasting impression. Along with chokers that enhanced the models’ posture, the use of luxurious fabrics, flowing silhouettes, and vibrant colors created a refreshing and up-to-date appearance.

Maria Chiuri, a fashion designer, has a notable fondness for pearls, which is evident in both her personal style and professional pursuits. She skillfully blends the elegance of pearls with her edgy punk aesthetic, as seen through her dark eye makeup and peroxide bob hairstyle. Chiuri’s fashion sense is truly distinct, as she artfully combines pearls with knuckle-duster rings and tomboy attire in a way that showcases her individuality.

This person has a love for different types of pearls, such as grey and baroque pearls. They have enjoyed wearing different pearl necklaces in the past. Currently, they always wear two rings with white and grey pearls, respectively. They also incorporated pearls into their wedding attire. They have a clear memory of their mother wearing a pearl choker, which was a versatile accessory for any occasion.

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The History Of Pearls

Pearls have a fascinating history and are often cherished for their sentimental significance, particularly for their long association with women. Notably, the highest-priced pearls ever sold at auction were a component of Marie Antoinette’s necklace, which astonishingly sold for $36.8 million in 2018 at Sotheby’s. On the other hand, small cultured-pearl earrings are more budget-friendly and serve as a perfect gift for special events like christenings or confirmations. This affordability factor may have contributed to pearls occasionally being perceived as less captivating in comparison to diamonds.

Christian Dior’s love for pearls influenced his early jewelry collections in the late 1940s, offering a refined and elegant option compared to the opulent baroque styles popular at the time. In more recent years, Raf Simons, while serving as creative director for Dior, introduced the Tribales pearl earrings, which enjoyed remarkable success. Today, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the current creative director, continues to embrace and innovate with this timeless design, incorporating it into her collections.

The recently launched pearls in India are impressive due to their large size and radiant appearance. This is noteworthy in a country known for its exquisite gemstones such as rubies and emeralds. It is interesting to mention that pearls have always been an important aspect of India’s fashion heritage. During her exploration of this collection, Chiuri discovered images of influential women like the Maharani of Indore, which led her to contemplate the versatility of pearls for different occasions.

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Why Wear A Choker Pearl?

Chokers have a rich history rooted in their ability to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Contrary to popular belief, they are not limited to only special occasions. Pearls, in particular, possess a timeless beauty that can be enjoyed on a regular basis. In fact, wearing pearls against the skin regularly can enhance their allure. Understanding this, I have fully embraced the beauty of chokers.

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