Wearing lemon yellow can be a stylish choice for summer fashion. Yellow is a color that is universally liked, yet not many people opt to wear it. When you enter a room wearing yellow, it is highly likely that someone will compliment the gorgeous color. Some may even express admiration for your bravery in choosing such a vibrant shade. This lemon trick has been catching on, with Zara and Kate Spade reporting a surge in sales of lemon-yellow duster coats this spring. While not a traditional wardrobe staple, adopting this trend now will ensure you stand out with a fresh and trendy look.

Kate Spade Wicker Tote lemon Gracie Opulanza 2023 (5)

Many people perceive yellow as a challenging color to wear, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of opting for a traditional yellow, look for lighter and zestier shades like lemon, as they are much more wearable. Avoid the unappetizing shade of yolk found in hard-boiled eggs. Also, it’s important to keep the other colors in your outfit to a minimum. While lemon does go well with other colors, it’s best to avoid combining too many at once, as it can give a chaotic and unattractive appearance. Lemon pairs beautifully with black and white, exudes sophistication when paired with tan and toffee shades, and is very trendy when paired with silver. A lemon-yellow duster coat and a pair of pointy silver shoes are all you need to stay stylish this season.

Kate Spade 2023 lemon collection Kate Spade 2023 lemon collection

Kate Spade Wicker Tote Bag

If attention seeking is what you are after, then look no further than the Kate Spade Wicker Tote Bag. Made from the highest artisan quality which is why it commands the price tag. This little attention seeker is a must for the 2023 summer. I teamed it with my mustard knee-high socks whilst touring Kuala Lumpur. You can dress this accessory up or down, casual or smart, it is an investment piece for the quirky traveller. so very comfortable to hold.

Gracie Opulanza wearing kate Spade Wicker Tote bag Gracie Opulanza wearing kate Spade Wicker Tote bag

You can opt for anything small or large when it comes to lemon, fashion. Opt for a sweater if not a lemon keyring 

Or a wonderful lemon wallet. For inspiration, watch out for the HBO series called The White Lotus in Sicily. Sicily is famous for lemon fashion thanks to Dolce & Gabbana Kate Spade 2023 lemon collection

Lemon jumper sweater

Lemon Sandals For Summer

I have a strong preference for lemon print and had put in a lot of effort to find an item that showcases this cheerful fruit. Introducing the Dolce Vita x For Love & Lemons limited edition capsule collection, perfect for the summer season. Designed with femininity and versatility in mind, these shoes are ideal for various occasions, from afternoon teas and vacations in Italy to leisurely garden walks and romantic date nights. Lemon shoes are a wonderful touch to express the light and shine of your fashion lifestyle for this summer.

lemon Kate Spade loafers

Why Wear Lemons?

I live in Tuscany and was surrounded by lemon trees during the pandemic. When life throws you a lockdown, make lemonade. All I need is to replace my made-in-Italy leather tote for that Kate Spade.

This recipe is incredibly easy. Simply season to taste and enjoy the compliments with a cheerful smile.

The attention to detail regarding the estate grounds has to be the most restored and maintained  Villa gardens and surroundings I have ever come across here in Italy. lemon Garden Villa Marlia or Villa Reale di Marlia Tuscany Lucca 2020 Luxury Estate For Tourists (26)