Although many businesses rely on modern digital marketing strategies, there are many reasons to consider effective traditional strategies such as the use of promotional products. Keyrings are some of the most effective branded items you can use to sell your brand to potential customers.

The strategy involves using a professional promotional keyring maker to design, make, and print branded, useful, and attractive keyrings that are then distributed to various users. The idea is to make your brand known to as many people as possible.

If you are in business and wish to use these affordable yet effective promotional items, then you should know more about keyring makers and why you need to work with them. The insights below are exactly what you need.

Qualities of the Best Keyring Maker

Working with a professional keyring maker such as Rocket Badge will result in high-quality and effective products. So, if you are interested in the strategy, ensure that you choose the best in your area. Most marketing experts recommend that you consider a keyring maker with the following qualities::

  • Allows customization – Every business has unique branding requirements, and the best keyring maker should understand this. Therefore, they should offer a wide range of customization options, including different shapes, sizes, colours, materials, and branded messages.
  • Uses high-quality materials – The best keyring makers use premium materials that make them useful and durable. Such keyrings not only look impressive but also withstand daily wear and tear, hence exposing your brand for a long time.
  • Should have design expertise – The best keyring maker should have a team of skilled designers who can bring your ideas to life. They should understand the importance of creating visually appealing keyrings to capture the attention of potential customers.
  • Should charge fairly – Lastly, the best service providers should chair fairly for their keyrings and branding services. This ensures that small, medium, and large businesses can get value for their money.

Benefits of Using a Keyring Maker

It is important to use a keyring maker when you have a project a branding project. This comes with a lot of benefits regardless of the size of your business or organization. You are likely to enjoy the following:

  • Effective brand exposure – Keyrings from a professional keyring maker are both attractive and useful. Because people use them every day, your brand will get effective exposure as many people see your logo, business name, business colours, and the message you might have added on the keyrings.
  • Versatility – Keyrings from a reputable keyring maker are versatile and can be used for many promotional ideas. The most common ones include giving them as freebies at events, using them as employee or customer gifts, or even selling them as merchandise.
  • Long-lasting impression – Unlike some other promotional items that may get discarded or forgotten, keyrings have a practical purpose, especially if they are designed and made by a professional keyring maker. This means that your brand message will be consistently seen by many people, reinforcing brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression.

How to Choose and Order Keyrings

The most important step is to find a reliable keyring maker using the qualities we have discussed above. However, you also need to assess your needs for making professional keyrings. In most cases, factors such as budget allocation, desired customization, and more will determine the package you will pick.

Another important consideration to make is the price charged by the keyring maker. Most of them charge per piece and the price will be determined by the materials used, the design, and the message to be printed on them. Take your time to negotiate a good price per keyring, especially if you are making many of them.

Lastly, settle on a design, agree on the material, and then customize the branding message before ordering. Most professional keyring makers allow their customers to customize, order, and pay for their keyrings online. From here, you can now wait for your order to be processed and delivered.


The biggest secret to success in using keyrings as effective promotional products are working with a professional keyring maker. Now that you have the important insights, it is easy to make informed decisions. This marketing strategy will definitely take your business to another level, especially when you execute it well.