Diving into the heart of vintage Fendi feels like stepping into a world where the ordinary twists into the extraordinary, where the essence of fashion transcends time and material. It’s a realm crafted by visionaries, a testament to the audacity and creativity that runs in the Fendi bloodline. Let’s peel back the layers of this illustrious dynasty, starting with a sip of Coke Zero and a dive into the mind of Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the embodiment of Fendi-ness.


The Original It Bag and the Genesis of Fendi-ness

Imagine the scene: Delfina, cloaked in the elegance of grey Fendi, her aura complemented by a vintage chain necklace, sitting in the majesty of Villa Laetitia. She whispers the secrets of the Fendi dynasty, starting with the iconic bag designed by her mother, Silvia Venturini Fendi, in 1997. This wasn’t just any bag; it was the birth of the ‘It Bag,’ a beacon of what Fendi stands for. Delfina, with the flair of a seasoned storyteller, describes Fendi-ness as an elusive alchemy. “It’s minimalist yet maximalist, never a straight line but a delightful twist of irony and contrast,” she explains, her eyes sparkling with the knowledge of her lineage.

The Matriarchal Influence: A Legacy of Defiance

The narrative then takes us further back, to Adele Fendi, the matriarch whose spirit rebelled against the traditional notions of femininity. Delfina muses on Adele’s austere elegance, her uniform approach to fashion that scorned the transient for the timeless. “Imagine, my grandmother and her sisters, always in black, defying societal norms with such stoic grace,” Delfina reflects, admiration and wonder lacing her words. Adele’s legacy was one of strength, of a detached yet passionate embrace of fashion that scoffed at the ephemeral, laying the groundwork for the Fendi-ness that Delfina so cherishes.

Fendi Roma

The Ceremonial Opulence of Fendi Jewellery

As we delve deeper into the heart of Fendi, the conversation shifts to the realm of high jewellery. Here, the narrative is rich with tales of sapphires, rubies, and the eclectic, eccentric spirit of Delfina’s grandmother. “Jewellery at Fendi isn’t just adornment; it’s a transformation,” Delfina enthuses, describing how a simple brooch can elevate one’s presence, how the act of dressing becomes a regal ceremony. Her own journey into jewellery design, sparked by a family ruby, mirrors the Fendi ethos of personal storytelling through opulent craftsmanship.


The Fendi Woman: Timeless, Audacious, Self-assured

Delfina paints the portrait of the Fendi woman with broad, confident strokes. This is a woman who defies eras, whose wardrobe whispers tales of timeless elegance and bold forays into fashion’s uncharted territories. “She buys jewellery for the sheer joy of feeling its weight against her skin, for the comfort it brings,” Delfina shares, her voice a blend of reverence and pride. The Fendi approach to jewellery, much like their pioneering work with fur, is about defying expectations, turning the heavy into the ethereal, the cumbersome into the effortlessly chic.

tweed vintage skirt


Pisa 1980's boutique Italy

The Living Archive: A Family of Visionaries

As our conversation with Delfina winds down, it’s clear that Fendi is more than a brand; it’s a living, breathing archive of creativity, innovation, and audacious elegance. Delfina, with her dynamic, walking archive of Fendi-ness, invites us to view fashion not just as clothing or accessories, but as an intimate dialogue between past and future, tradition and rebellion.

In the world of vintage Fendi, every piece tells a story, every design carries the weight of a legacy that defies the ordinary. From the minimalist with a twist to the ceremonial opulence of their jewellery, Fendi crafts not just fashion but heirlooms, artifacts of a dynasty that continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury and style.

And so, as we step out of Villa Laetitia, we carry with us the essence of Fendi-ness, a blend of strength, irony, and the audacious spirit of a family that dresses not for the world, but for themselves. In the realm of vintage Fendi, every day is a ceremony, and every woman is a matriarch of her own making.

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments-Gold-and-black-top fur

A vintage poster in the changing room.

Vintage Wool Skirts

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments-Gold-and-black-top wool skirt


Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments-Gold-and-black-top blouse



The joy of knowing I am wearing luxury niche items from the 1980s is music to my ears.

Vintage Fendi

Nothing would prepare me for the Fendi finds of denim and cotton beige stretch denim. Super high street chic. Even with its original tags. my assistant was on a mission to guide me into fashion niche items. With her pristine hair and high heels. We scouted through brilliant clothing.

Fendi Vintage Denim - How To Spot 1980's Jeans (4)

Top-quality fabrics that have lasted 25 years.

Fendi Vintage Denim - How To Spot 1980's Jeans (7)

Purple Fendi

A vintage label that describes in detail the care one must take in denim. Luxury clothes in the 1980s were super expensive.

Fendi Vintage Denim - How To Spot 1980's Jeans (4)

These two colour tone denim, with bling embellishments, are super chic. My passion for me is the hunt for rare items that no fast fashion could ever match. Knowing that these items can’t even be found on Vestiare makes me super special. Clothes do that for my soul. Wearing items that no one else in the world may have.

Fendi Vintage Denim - How To Spot 1980's Jeans (4)

These items are truly 100% made in Italy. Due to the date of the label.

Fendi Vintage Fur

This vintage fur coat is of absolute quality. With a silk lining and Fendi logo, in its time it would command 30,000euro.

Embracing this philosophy, Fendi has always been at the forefront of innovation, particularly in its approach to materials that others might deem unwieldy or cumbersome. The statement encapsulates the essence of Fendi’s legacy: the art of transformation. By likening their approach to jewellery to their revolutionary work with fur, Fendi underscores a tradition of making the impossible, possible.

In the hands of Fendi’s artisans, fur, once a symbol of heavy luxury, undergoes a metamorphosis into creations that defy gravity. This same ethos permeates their approach to high jewellery. Gold and gemstones, materials known for their weight and solidity, are reimagined to drape the body with an airiness that belies their nature. It’s a testament to the skill, creativity, and vision of the Fendi family. They don’t just create; they reinvent, ensuring that the touch of luxury is as light as a feather, yet as impactful as a legacy centuries in the making.

This philosophy speaks volumes about the Fendi woman as well. She’s someone who appreciates the weight of history and the lightness of modernity, embodying a blend of strength and delicacy. In every piece of Fendi jewellery, or in the drape of a fur coat, she carries not just an accessory, but a piece of art that bridges generations, a symbol of timeless elegance and innovation. It’s a beautiful reminder of how traditions can evolve, how the past can be woven into the present, and how luxury and comfort can coexist, as effortlessly as wearing a feather.

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur

Thanks to me my love for vintage Fendi is why these ladies showed me their hidden gems.

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur

Recycling Fabrics

Recycled nylon is the answer in this case and most of the brands using it are either small independent ones (think Cleonie Swimwear or Cossie & Co) or designers (such as Rejina Pyo and Loewe)

Good to notice Adidas has branched out into making sustainable leggings and so has Uniqlo – and hopefully other brands will follow suit. So have denim brands like Gas. But if you can find vintage Fendi clothing is the art of true sustainability.


You can easily identify the vintage 1980s jeans by the massive labels on them.