Christmas is a particularly fun time of year to decorate your home with themed decor! Here we cover a variety of specific suggestions to make your home Christmas themed throughout the holiday season.

Christmas tree

table setting

Time to embrace outdoor ski trends for 2021.

Ordino Andorra Church

Ordino Snow

Christmas Window Decor

Apres Ski is a wonderful time to decorate your window. I am a digital nomad so travelling with stuff is not how I can operate. So I opt for preloved items at charity stores. I also use Instagram in December for ideas. I also home school so I get my children involved to create window drawings for Christmas decorations.

window decor

My office window!

Ordino Andorra

Christmas Tree Decor

Last year I was on a huge Tuscan estate. So my Christmas tree was all organic. This year I am in Andorra. Where sledging and slopes are part of my Christmas lifestyle. So I have opted for a ski chalet interior design.  There are so many pine trees here in Andorra.

Andorra La Vella

Andorra la Vella

My tree is organic. My wreaths are from natural wood. I am all about fresh greenery to embrace the holiday cheer.

vintage clothing

I am wearing a wool jumper with a vintage fur coat. My orange Karen Millen bag is twenty years old.

Christmas Artificial Decor

I am also for a vintage ski vibe. I am teaching the kids to be creative and use items from my wardrobe to create a vintage ambience.

Andorra Snow

Christmas Gift

Due to being mobile all the time. our Christmas gift is all about experiences and items we can eat or burn.

Cava snow apresski

Cava snow apresski

Beige And Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture never dates. If you are seeking a cosey home then opt for beige and neutral colours. I am all earthy this year with my vintage chairs and rattan chairs. ZARA, the home has great rattan ideas for your house.



Rattan, also spelled ratan, is the name for roughly 600 species of Old World climbing palms belonging to the subfamily Calamoideae.


Christmas Snowmen

Snow fell here so much. It’s the most in forty years for December. Andorra is close to the French Alps. So we built many snowmen around our yard.


Christmas Ornaments

I have kept my favourite candles and old Christmas cards to help redecorate my home. My ornaments are handcrafted and some are made of glass. I love antique chandellers. They are so beautiful to see and create a wonderful festive vibe.

christmas tree Ordino Andorra

Christmas Stocking Decor

My stocking are handcrafted from Tuscany last year. So I am recycling them this year. I place them on my mantel.


Christmas Lights

I bought extra Christmas lights from the charity store. Christmas I know people waste so much cash creating home decor for it. I use the star lights I bought years ago from Ikea.

christmas tree

Christmas Crib

I have ornaments from years ago to represent the birth of Jesus. I use a vintage handcrafted table cloth as a backdrop.

Andorra Church

Christmas Lawn Decor

My lawn is full of real Christmas trees and the public decorate it with lights. So I am let off regarding that. With so much snow we always go sledding as part of the festive season.

Rabbit fur Gracie Opulanza Vintage coat

Christmas Porch Decor

My porch is decorated with Christmas eco lights. I add a ribbon for colourful finish. We have a chimney so Santa can access it easily. I am all an out fresh holiday greenery. I add Ferrero Rocher on the tree so when a guest comes to the house. They can help themselves to chocolate.

Being here for a few months my home decor is all about holiday decor.

Gracie Opulanza Gran Roig Gracie Opulanza Arcalis