Wanting to buy the right size of knitting wool skier isn’t as easy as you may think. Read this article for tips and tricks on buying your wool skier.

Gracie Opulanza Arcalis

I am wearing a pink ski jacket from 2019.

Be Aware Of Your Brand Of Wool Skier

I have been wearing colourful wool sweaters to stay warm in the snow. I am a big fan of merino wool. For me, it is all about comfort, high fiber and knits fud on Vestiaire collective. So which brand do I opt for? when hunting for cardigans. Fair Isle sweaters are popular and trustworthy. When seeking hand knits Dale of Norway is a classic staple print we all love to wear during ski season.

How to Shop for Knit Wool Skiers Sizes for Men and Women chunky wool

Dale Of Norway

I spotted these today for Apres Ski. They look good and this year it’s all Nordic wear all the way.

Dale of Norway 22 Knitwear

Dale of Norway 2022

Wool Skiers Often Come In Different Colors

There are plenty of marketing emails regarding cashmere sweaters on Amazon. Looking out for a special offer can lead to disappointment. So opt for items from Alaska, Made In Italy too. When on the slopes colour is the must-have. It looks amazing in white snow.  A ski sweater is essential for all types of cold weather. Layering wool jumpers with gold accessories like Versace is very Italian chic.

Everything is gold on the slopes for this ski season.

Skiwear gold 2022 jacket

Cable knit

Thanks to The House Of Gucci, cable knit is soaring. I just got a new second-hand sweater in beige. Adam Driver would love my cable knit.

Lady Gaga House Of Gucci Film Ridley Scott (2)

If A Store Doesn’t Have Your Size, Look On The Internet

Check out online if you can’t find your size in the same brand. Etsy. Depop and Ebay offer many handcrafted wool items too. Supporting local designers. Great retro fashion for when those turning fifty.

Goldbergh Prints

This brand is all about eccentric skiwear. So underneath my ski apparel, my knitwear has to match my outlandish jackets. Skiwear is very expensive as there is a high skill in producing it.

Goldbergh 2022

The brand always has fluffy hoodies which I love. Never worn this brand so when it comes to skiwear performance, I have no idea.

Goldbergh 2022

They certainly took inspiration from Versace and Burberry.

Goldbergh 2022

Goldbergh 2022 burberry print

Be Sure You Get Your Size

I always go up a size as I have a habit of shrinking my wool. Wash it in cold water in a very clean sink to avoid shrinkage. Then dry flat on top of a towel to avoid your jumper going out of shape.

How to Shop for Knit Wool Skiers Sizes for Men and Women

Knitting during this pandemic has increased due to mental health reasons. British Olympic diver Tom Daley knitted his way to winning gold for Britain.

Be Careful When You Order Online

Wool is all about durability. The idea of wearing wool for apres-ski is all about warmth. So make sure you shop for reputable brands that create amazing wool. Go hunt in charity shops and vintage stores for some op quality wool sweaters. Always check for a valid email address when buying online. Clear your cookies for purchases and best offer. At the checkout make sure you are getting your exclusive offers.

How to Shop for Knit Wool Skiers Sizes for Men and Women wool