Why do we not invest in the finest of bed linen, considering we spend almost half our life sleeping? Whilst in Tuscany and Venice I felt and saw old school Italian luxury linen, silk and cotton. During this life of restrictions and limited travel. Many people have spent their incomes on bed linen as opposed to fashion. For mental health and wellness reasons, it’s important one sleep in the finest of luxury bed linen money can buy.

Creating your own hotel experiences at home is a trend that will continue for the next year.

If it’s all about durable duvets or fibers. The manufacturers you choose from Amazon all comes down to budget.

The Rolls Royce Of Bed Linen

What do I deem as the Rolls Royce of bed linen? It all comes down to the fibre that suits your budget and tastes. You can’t go wrong with choosing cotton, linen or silk.

Items to look for are lilysilk, flannel, satin weave and many types of cotton.


Cotton breathes and keeps you cool, which allows you to sleep better, and most luxury purists opt for it. The thread count is the primary influence on the softness of cotton sheets, The higher is better until you get to four digits, after which there are diminishing returns. If you’re rolling with the luxury class, 300 is the absolute minimum thread count. Most people opt for 500 or 1,000 (choose single-ply for maximum softness.) When I review my hotels they often opt for brands that use Egyptian, which is renowned for its breathability.

You can never go wrong with everything Egyptian cotton it’s like been wrapped up in a cocoon.

Luxury Bed Linen - Fabrics That Make Your Sleep Better

Fine Linen

Linen also has its devotees. For luxury linen sheets, the fine threads are closely woven so that the hand-feel is almost like silk. Take it from an expert: when Jackie Onassis was First Lady, she required that the beds be dressed in crisp soft linen. It was essential that the staff had to iron every day.

Silk Is Fragile

Silk is slippery and fragile and can get uncomfortably warm. Save the silk for their sleepwear. Purists swear that sheets (even cotton ones) need to be pressed to be of maximum comfort. And you cannot launder them any-which-way, you need to take them to a luxury cleaning service (unless you have a personal laundress).

 “the key to good linens is that they only feel great if they’re pressed and laundered impeccably.”

The “Rolls Royce” of bed linens is French maker Porthault; the family-owned company claims to have crafted the first printed sheets in 1920 and is known for its floral fantasies. For lockdown life and mental health reasons, opting for a bedroom turned into a garden of floral artistry.

with sheets and pillows of all sizes, 7 pillows on the bed. This is why saving cash on fashion and opting for the bedroom is a lifetime investment. D. Porthault stores; at Harrods, Le Bon Marché and Bergdorf’s; and at fabulous Relais & Chateaux, palazzo’s properties all over Europe.

Depending on the silk fabric and silk worms used to create your natural fiber it really comes down to climate for the best silk to invest in.

Luxury Bed Linen - Fabrics That Make Your Sleep Better

If silk bedding is what you are wanting then opt for silk pillowcases to test out for dust mites, allergens You can then opt for silk sheets, and flat sheets.

Fatto A Mano ( Hand Made )

If you have the possibility artisanal, bespoke and hand-made, bed linen is a wonderful way to decorate your home. It can take up to 3-4 weeks from order to delivery. But the overall niche experience is priceless. Pampering yourself in the bedroom is worth every time and penny.

You can choose your own fabrics and style and with plenty of time on one’s hands. Lockdown life becomes a world of interior haven. Giving time to where you sleep and rest is worth the investment for over mind rest and anxiety. Being create is all about fighting against depression too.

Sleepwear Performance Fabrics

With the use of technology, hotels are creating what they call sleep concierges. It makes sleepwear and bed linens out of performance fabrics powered by Sleep Fit tech. Fabrics that make you sweat less and if you are going through menopause this can be excellent for sleep deprivation.

It is so important that women over fifty take care of their sleeping patterns. bed technology can do that.

Also, do your research on your duvet covers to add to your existing fitted sheet.

Linen For Cancer Survivor

A brand called Cool jam she was both a cancer survivor and suffering from hot flashes. Her linen is all about keeping sleepers cool. Made from fabric comprised of a moisture-wicking fibre that has advanced evaporation and thermo-regulation properties. Its products wick and dry three to four times faster than cotton. With each purchase, the company makes a donation to a variety of charities including several cancer-related organizations. So you can sleep with a clear conscience that some of your bed linen gives back to sick people or ladies suffering from menopause.

Creating the best sleeping room will help anyone cope with this pandemic way of life. As fuel poverty increases what we buy that saves money, in the long run, makes sense. Feng Shui is more so important than ever if people don’t have money to go and stay at a hotel.

As a mother of two, I need my sleeping room to be as luxurious as possible.

Craftmanship in ordering organic cotton results in long-staple cotton that can be sued over a lifetime.