So, what are the hottest kitchen design trends in the upcoming few years? We have an answer in this article, in which 5 different designers share their predictions in regards to future kitchen trends.

Kitchen design is one of our favourite Instagram escapes right now. Another of our favourite designers. When it comes to kitchen detail interior designs pulls no punches in this masterclass of attention to detail and material sourcing. Milan Design Week just completed and from Versace, Hermes and Dior everyone including Dolce & Gabbana is all targeting luxury homes designs.

Lockdown and working from home is why so many people are redesigning their homes for a wellness experience.

Tile Heating Systems

This is the opportunity to opt for underfloor heating. Nothing is more relaxing and comforting than cooking in your kitchen with underfloor heating. Bliss in cold Italian villas and cottages in the lake district.

Open Floor Plans

Homeowners working from their house have learnt that open floor plans are very important when redesigning your kitchen. It’s all about maximising your kitchen storage.  Using good manufacturers to create colour trends, vintage ideas and storage solutions.

Green Kitchen Features

Over the recent years, our kitchen decoration is as important as cooking in it. Beige and creamy white and white walls are fabulous for small spaces. keep that in mind. Ball and farrow have always been the leaders when it comes to natural elements, warm neutrals and different colors. If you are afraid of olive green then choose handles and green cups, pots as a starting point.

Stay away from dark brown in small spaces.

Sharing Space With Appliances

The fridge is like a piece of art so choose wisely and use white cabinetry to showcase your appliances.

With a new kitchen and kitchen, colour pops of color choices are endless now. From dark color trends. Kitchen colors come down to open shelving, pastel for open shelves.

Matt grey floor-to-ceiling cabinets and dark woods rub and glide against blends of mottled marble. Smoked glass fronts leave just enough to the imagination. Matt marble grey is so popular it all comes down to connecting natural products within the kitchen.

Kitchen designs 2021 Lockdown life In

You can use oak if you want a classic kitchen. Drawers are brilliant for kitchen renovation.

Brass Quirky Hood

Brass hardware is so different to the normal taps used in the past. Stainless steel has always been robust for the backsplash but it’s hard to keep clean.

Kitchen designs are so interesting as we spend so much time in our kitchen So when it comes to hood designs they must function well and look amazing too. New trends for hoods are brass hoods, buffed to perfection.

Kitchen designs 2021 Lockdown life In hood Kitchen designs 2021 Lockdown life In

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

I want to feel and connect to natural materials as much as I can. The alluring space has a next-level finishing down to the smallest of details, like the sandwich wood-marble-wood shelving. I grew up in Australia where wood is so wonderful to use. I love wood flooring and wood doors all handcrafted. Parque flooring is so wonderful in any home it looks and feels amazing.


Natural wood gives depth to a kitchen even so with wood tones. It adds warmth to white kitchens. If you want wood countertops to be mindful this is hard to keep clean and water leakage can destroy the wooden kitchen over time.

Bench Space

A butcher block is a wonderful solution for extra bench space. Choose a white marble or quartz countertops for a monochromatic look. These are easy to keep clean.

wood Kitchen designs 2021 Lockdown life In Kitchen designs 2021 Lockdown life In wood

Mood Lighting

With built-in lighting for extra atmosphere. And the small table, perching on its foundation slab is enough to raise the pulse. Mood lighting is so important as a function as well as to look. I love so much lighting in my kitchen I am fifty so my eyes need as much help as they can get.

lighting for homes

Alfresco Dining

People have the option of creating outdoor kitchens. As green card vaccine passports are on the list for New York City, Italy, France and Holland. People are having to create their own restaurant experiences from home. Alfresco dining made in Italy comes down to the design of your kitchen too.

Don’t forget to make room for an outdoor fridge. Mint is a lovely colour for outdoor dining. Make sure your handles are robust for weather wear. And have fun with kitchen accessories.


Kitchen designs 2021 Lockdown life In outdoor

Outdoor Kitchen

When you have the space another trend is creating an outdoor kitchen. if vaccine issues are a problem for people. You can recreate your own restaurant at home. Even for those that are vaccinated, eating outside is safer for all. Outdoor kitchen trends are a wonderful way to live life fun, and free.

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Don’t be afraid to play with shade, hues and kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinetry has come a long way. So use materials like copper, wood cabinets, and play with wallpaper. Your kitchen is now your dining room in some places.

Lockdown life and restrictions are here for some time. Make your kitchen like you are going out and eating with Gordan Ramsey.

For more ideas, have a look at how the rich are living in the world of lockdown life.