Wellness is no longer a fad, but an economic opportunity as the affluent turn to wellness products and services. Stay home wellness trends have grown in the last year. When you wake up what is the first self-care activity you embrace? I go straight to the fire room and light my fire it is my wellness retreat here in Europe. My therapies begin with the sound of my open wood fire. The crackling of the wood is a secret that relaxes my soul and my mind.


Personalized Lifestyle

It is important to personalise your wellness at home during this pandemic. My privacy at 5 am is like me being on vacation. During my second lockdown, I knew exactly the wellness programs I had to create for the longevity of my mental well being.

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Lifestyle Approach To Wellness

My wellness retreats it is all about walking outside in nature here in Tuscany Italy. To be able to have access to a garden of pure relaxation, wearing no masks is why I chose a destination that reminds me of living in a resort.

What is your number one preferred activity that strengthens your mental health?

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Home Design

These luxury home villas in Italy are sought after due to their wellness travel opportunities. Lockdown life can be made easier if you choose to spend it on items within your home. But in winter the interior of my Villa is old and cold. So when it got colder here in Tuscany my spending habits had to be focused on the interior design. I had to understand the devices and amenities I needed to invest in for my wellbeing and home comfort.

Vitamin C Showers

Kits for skincare products have increased during lockdown life. One of the new trends for wellness at home is a vitamin C shower. If your water is hard? No problem. The showerhead neutralises chlorine, limescale and bacteria build-up from your shower, leaving your water free from impurities. This concept targets a luxury market and whilst using spa products at home it’s like having a personalised body massage.

bathroom scrubs skincare

It also infuses the water with vitamin C which promises to leave your hair and skin feeling silky soft. So for those dreaming of your next spa visit. Invest in one of these instead. Staying home is the new vacation for 2021.

vitamin C shower 2021

Food At Home

Recreating your home as a hotel eating out experience is the new thing. People now have the time to cook and think about what they eat. Hanging out in the kitchen combined with the dining room is the new zen. It’s a place of creativity within the home. Watching how your family cooks is the new Jamie Oliver reality TV. It’s just like being in a restaurant where you can see the chef cook.

Open Kitchen And Lounge

Cooking is a mathematical part of homeschooling, this is how I teach and include my children how to eat well. Teaching my children how to cook with protein foods is a lifetime skill and good for nutrition.

Kitchen Dining Room food

One of the new kitchen trends for rich people is a titanium induction hob, where any part of the surface will react to something placed on it. This new technology means you can cook with a one-meter pan which gets evenly heated.

open kitchen and lounge 2021

A robust stone that real estate agents often asks residents to invest in is a granite kitchen bench. It is a massive plus as you can cut, bake and prepare so much food and its so easy to clean. Better than using wooden chopping boards.


Granite is also great for entertaining guests coming over for dinner after the lockdown ends.

Meditation Room

I am in a big villa so my meditation room is my bedroom. I have open-door access to my garden and in the warmer months, I keep the doors wide open and I am sleeping with nature. This is great for my mental health,  and when I suffer insomnia this helps me go to sleep.

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Tea Cellar

We have no more access to afternoon tea in hotels due to lockdown life. Another new trend is to create your own tea cellar room. Just like a bar the rich are displaying endless amounts of tea. In Asia, I experienced amazing tea rooms. They are well sought after for those who have luxury homes.

tea Cellar afternoon tea 2021 (5)

tea Cellar afternoon tea 2021 (5)

Here in Italy, the alfresco lifestyle is so important and accessible. So recreating my own tea room experience I need lots of tea, teapots and cups for my tea cellar.

afternoon tea

Sleep Is The Big Thing

I need my sleep rest as I work and see my husband so much now.

Body heat can affect how I sleep. The new trends for the bedroom are temperature controls on either side of the bed. Where husbands need cooler air than the wife, imagine that technology. I have known my lover for over 25 years so that issue of sleeping apart is very common at this stage in one’s life. I don’t feel guilty about doing this. I need my sleep for my mental state of mind.

Another big wellness trend is having a snore room next to one’s home office. In my case my Villa is huge so I sleep on my own in one room and my husband sleeps in another. We just connect for sex and cuddles when each other desires arouse.

bedroom with window wellness 2021 lockdown life (2)

My escapism is when I close my bedroom door and sleep with candles on and curtains open. Unlike my husband who is a gremlin and loves to sleep in black darkness. Our sleep wellness is at its all-time best because I snore and he wakes me up every time I do so. This leads to a very grumpy me in the morning.

bedroom with window wellness 2021 lockdown life (2)

The above can all be achieved with little or lots of cash. During this pandemic ones wellness at home is at its an all-time high. The global wellness institute is researching on what people do with regards to recreating the wellness trends within their homes. As we dream of our next travel destination I do encourage in the meantime to do whatever it takes to create wellness rooms in your homes such as a gym, yoga or pilates room for a calming and relaxing life.