If you run an optician, you’ll no doubt be aware of the keen sense of competition that pushes your industry forward. Customers only very occasionally stop by an optician, so it’s important to get as many of them in your orbit as possible.

In late 2019, it was reported that glasses were possibly more on trend than ever, focusing on fashion and function. Due to the increased screen time incurred during the pandemic (which undoubtedly leads to problems with vision), it’s quite likely more people are looking for glasses that they’d be proud to wear too.

So, how can you make your opticians more fashionable? Read on for some suggested strategies.

Improve Window Displays

When people pass by a shop of any kind, they may only very occasionally stop to pay attention to a window display. As people’s attention spans slowly shorten for anything that isn’t screen-related, only the most appealing window displays are likely to attract attention.

Take care with the presentation here. It’s a good idea to showcase frames that are highly popular amongst your previous customers, rather than just those that are most expensive. Remember, you need to appeal to fashionable trends. Know that less is more and avoid cluttering the space, too. This way, you’ll generate an air of exclusivity rather than having stock to spare.

Make sure the area is well-lit and has impeccable background features. Any backdrop posters featuring fashionable models may help your window carry a slicker appeal. Clean the area regularly so that everything looks immaculate and well cared for as well.

Work with Fashionable Wholesalers

Of course, before you can display products in the shop window, you first need products to sell. If you work with fashionable wholesalers, their stylish offerings can become your own.

Your search for good service will be quick as eyewear frame manufacturers and wholesalers like International Eyewear can provide all the stock you need at a fair price. They have a reputation for working with independent opticians all over the UK, selling a diverse range of bold, dynamic frames to be enjoyed by all. Work with eyewear frame manufacturers and wholesalers to boost your prospects.

Remember, no optician is an island. You can gain fashion points by merely being associated with other trendy names in the industry. Keep a finger on the pulse of consumer interests by working with established wholesalers of fashionable frames.

Engage with Influencer Marketing

So much of the advertising world now takes place online. Regarding the fashionable appeal of any clothing item or accessory, influencer’s have a huge say in what sticks.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to engage with these influencers directly. They have a massive audience primed to read all their social media posts or online vlogs. If they can tout the eyewear you’re selling or even wear it themselves as they do, it can enormously boost how many people engage with your brand.

Keep in mind how fast things can go viral these days. Even quick shout-outs from popular online figures can boost the popularity of a brand. Don’t worry about losing control of your marketing, either – you can provide them with a script featuring everything you’d like them to say, down to the precise wording.