We know her by her signature eyewear and her inspiring interviews.

She’s a self-defined style icon. Gracie Opulanza is never in vogue because she’s ahead of it.

As Gracie Opulanza’s stylist, I had the task of getting her ready for her first-ever serious photoshoot. When she asked me to style her, my first reaction was to run! Don’t get me wrong, I know Gracie Opulanza personally, and I can honestly say that she’s a very, very nice person.

But I mean really, imagine trying to style someone with such a shall we say, “special” sense of fashion.

Being a Style Coach myself, and having talked at length with Gracie, I can tell you that Gracie does present a very classic style personality, although in real life she’s anything but classic. In reality, Gracie wakes up and decides what trends need to be set.

She invents her own fashion trend, invites you to like it, gets bored with it, then starts a new one.

Gracie Opulanza - MenStyleFashion

Students learning to style Gracie’s hair. It’s her personality that allows others to develop their skills and learn under pressure.

Gracie Opulanza MenStyleFashion

Gracie could be locked up for years, step out of her den and dictate and predict trends. She just follows her gut instinct. Wakes us and decides this is what she social media’s to others. most of the clothes worn are sustainable fashion items no longer available to purchase.

Gracie Opulanza - MenStyleFashion

How Do You Style A Trend Setter?

So having said all of this, one of my major challenges was how to maintain Gracie’s very classic style personality, while still allowing her the freedom to express her uniqueness.

Basically, we had to find a way to help her strike a balance between her classic elegance and her renegade tendencies.

Gracie-Opulanza-MenStyleFashion-2016-6 (

Gracie is a lover of vintage fur and wears it because she likes the feel and the warmth of fur.


We had all the props and then Gracie turns up with her own.

This was no mean feat. In fact, it was a constant tug of war, but I think our photographer Daniel and I succeeded in the end.


She is a lover of leather jackets. They empower her to feel confident.

Gracie-Opulanza-MenStyleFashion-2016-6 (

PhotoShoot Tips

We all decided to go with the flow of respect to each other’s input and have fun.

We gave both classic and renegade free reign, pulling them back only at the point where they threatened to kill each other since it’s a constant battle between the two, who gets the most visibility.

What we did was we embraced the contradictions, actively pushing both to their absolute extremes, and all within the parameters of a dress, accessories and a camera.

Gracie-Opulanza-MenStyleFashion-2016-6 (

The pipe was very niche and not stereotypical for a woman. But that is why Gracie has the skill of setting and predicting trend messages and images others can aspire too.

Chunky Pearls

She loves wearing and layering her freshwater pearls with classical pieces.

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Working With Balance

In the end, we were able to find how to style and showcase Gracie in ways that allowed both the classic and the renegade to peacefully co-exist, in an atmosphere of fragile agreement that is so crucial to the success of the look of a person with Gracie’s sort of unusual profile. She is being her authentic self.

So, faithful readers, as she wraps up her first-ever well-planned photo shoot, I have a distinct pleasure and task of introducing to you, the impulsive and innovative, Gracie Opulanza fashion journalist, trend rebel, epitome of feminine elegance, and renegade fashionista all in one person.

Gracie Opulanza MenStyleFashion 2016