Over the last three years of growing my brands, the biggest challenge is being my authentic self. Fashion is one pretentious industry and even more so when you are around the big guns, so to speak.

The biggest challenge you will face hanging around beautiful fashion people, and I am talking only about their external appearances, is how do you be your authentic self?

Gracie Opulanza peacock eyelashes fashion (2)

We like to attend London Fashion Weeks because its an opulent lifestyle platform to dress up.

Gracie Opulanza peacock eyelashes fashion (2)

Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

The very first time I came to a fashion event, I knew that looking good was the key. But then I noticed that if you want to draw attention to yourself, then you have to wear clothes. I am an extrovert at heart and I like to be in the thick of things. How do you balance that out during fashion weeks? How do you not come across as desperate?

Well, the truth is, you can’t balance it. You don’t need to change who you are. Fashion shows are all about showing off. Showing your personal style.

Gracie Opulanza peacock eyelashes fashion (2)


The emotions that control you at fashion weeks can only be learnt with experience. You have to just go with the flow. Each day can draw new attention. Each day you meet insecure people or over secure people or damn right rude people. It is a room full of ego fashion look at me kind of personalities. I included.

You have to deal with each person as you feel is right and their reaction to who you are. The only way you can do that is to just be your authentic self.

Just be you.

I was bullied by the British Fashion Council for many years.

For this reason, since 2016 I have never returned to London Fashion Week. I could not be my authentic self.

David Gandy gracie Opulanza interview

You can see all the hard work I did an interview with David Gandy. He always valued my brand and gave me time to interview him.

Is Your Authentic Self Being Crushed

I have found that over the last year I am a huge personality within the fashion world. I can come at you like a formula one driver heading into a pit stop. I never change who I am, I get excited in all that I do. I am what you call a force of nature. Now there are people and organisations that just won’t like you being your authentic self.

I am not rude and I am simply out there exploring new platforms in reporting on fashion. I like to talk about designers and self promote my marketing ideas.

Gracie Opulanza peacock eyelashes fashion (2)

But remember, people, are full of insecurities. I find this very much in the world of fashion. You have to understand that their reactions will lead to conflict one way or another. So there comes a time when you feel that the organisation itself seems to be against you. What you do is simply grab your high heels and walk away from it. There are plenty of new opportunities to explore.
The key thing to ask yourself is, are you being your authentic self right now?

Gracie Opulanza peacock eyelashes fashion (2)