It is a pleasure talking to you during my second lockdown. This is what am I thinking about during this lockdown here in Tuscany.

What clothing item could revolutionise the way we shop or do business to keep our distance from others?

How will the fashion industry adapt to this life-saving change called social distancing?

Have you ever heard of the Crinoline Petticoat?

Crinoline Structured Petticoat

A crinoline is a stiff or structured petticoat designed to hold out a woman’s skirt, popular at various times since the mid-19th century. Originally, crinoline described a stiff fabric made of horsehair and cotton or linen which was used to make underskirts and as a dress lining.

It was worn as an opulent lifestyle statement. It was never for use in small confined spaces.

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Crinoline Petticoat 2021

Social distancing is part of our lives.

Here is a lady doing her shopping in the USA.

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Would you agree that going to the supermarket is like a game of dodgem cars? You’re always trying to avoid anyone coming too close. And worse case when you bump into that person, an overwhelming panic rises within. Or on some occasions you get irritated at that person. 

Before you go out food shopping is your mind really stressed? Trying to work out all the essentials you need to wear to avoid getting this killer virus is cruel.

So ask yourself, what type of clothing could prevent you from getting to close to people you don’t know during this pandemic? That will also get people thinking about creative ways to wear fashion as a social distancing message.

Before this virus, most of us loved strolling into the supermarket nice and relaxed.  Now it’s turned into the hunger games. And we don’t know when it will end?

Public Outing Versus Social Distancing

Going out into public spaces and greeting people by a kiss or handshake is a thing you must not do now. But you all do it because it is a natural instinct.

Crinoline is the perfect solution due to the size of the petticoat. People will bump into your dress, before they touch you.

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  1. How could the existing fashion houses create a collection?  The practicality and logistics of being able to drive a car in it will be interesting. I am thinking the foldable structure would make sense. So you put it on and take it off before you got out.
  2. How much fabric would it take to create this? This would be the perfect solution for using existing fabrics and finally been forced into a sustainable fashion mentality.
  3. How expensive would this cost to do? I would imagine it would not be Zara prices let alone Primark. Can people then afford to buy it?
  4. Would this be the end of mass clothing in your wardrobe? Could this be the end of the mass production of collections?

Would You Dare To Wear it?

If you could get you hands on one? Are you up for the challenge of wearing it? Would you have the confidence of going out and experimenting?

Are you convinced that Crinoline is one solution for weddings, pubic outings, and party events?

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Mood Point

We have plenty of time to come up with ideas and solutions regarding social distancing.

Are you convinced that the crinoline petticoat is one fashion item we could include in our social distancing society?

You would have to agree, it would be such a great fun experience. 

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