During this pandemic dazzling fashion has taught us one important lesson: comfort is king. Fashion marketing concentrating on what makes us look good.  But have we not appreciated the clothes that make us feel good works the best for our mental health.

For some women, it can feel quietly revolutionary.

Most people I know that in the last six months their wardrobe is full of Primark pyjamas and tracksuit trousers.

Cashmere is beautiful wool that I love to snuggle in. As we are buying homewear I know that cashmere looks stylish and feels wonderful on my skin.

Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fibre obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and some other breeds of goat. It has been used to make yarn, textiles and clothing for hundreds of years. It is a wonderful sustainable fibre that I feel is still underrated.

Made from the softest wool produced by a certain breed of goats, such as the Zalaa Ginst white goat and Tibetan Plateau goat, cashmere was once reserved for the wealthiest fashionistas. Those living an opulent lifestyle.

(Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife helped popularise the fabric.  His sister who was the queen of Lucca Italy living in Villa Reale wore it often.

But over the past two decades, its cachet skyrocketed and cheaper garments flooded the market.

This is a real tragedy because cheap cashmere feels horrible and is not cashmere as I know it

Everyone is wearing cheap cashmere pyjamas that are bought by fast fashion stores.

How To Spot Real Cashmere

Cashmere is popular here in Italy. So how do I know what to opt for?

The quality of the raw material often matters the most. Lengthier cashmere fibres maintain their integrity for a longer time, allowing garments to retain their structure. This is the key. The softer it feels the better quality.

Real cashmere is so beautiful when sleeping and it’s so warm.

It’s an alternative homewear that I want women to wear.

Cashmere Socks And Shawl

I am in a Tuscan villa and it’s very old and cold. I refuse to wear high street pyjamas. In Italy, I am seeing how much easy access to stylish cashmere items. I have lovely cashmere socks and a shawl. I live in a big estate and often walk with the shawl around my neck it feels amazing and so very warm. A great winter outdoor fibre.

Don’t walk in cashmere socks as it’s a fragile fibre that can tear. Just sleep in cashmere socks.

https://gracieopulanza.com/secret-of-3-luxury-linen-and-cashmere-homewear/ christmas red fashion 2020 gracie opulanza

You can opt for other alternative tops as well to sleep and lounge in. Very stylish and comfortable to cook and work in.

Cashmere Pyjamas Cashmere Pyjamas

Cashmere Pyjamas

I wanted to buy made in Italy cashmere trousers as they look stylish and lovely to sleep and lounge around in. It looks very nice with my wool poncho too. Below I am wearing it out and about with leather trousers.

cashmere wool

I opted for a beige and red pair of cashmere trousers. They are wide-legged with a cord waistband. I love sleeping in them and when an unexpected guest turns up and I am in my pyjamas.

I feel stylish and ok with greeting them.

cashmere leggings

It’s so much nicer to look at. Beige is versatile in colour and goes with many items.

I wear my cashmere pyjamas with my leather clogs. The combination is lovely.