In Tuscany, there are three main cities that trend in bike style. Lucca, Forte Dei Marmi and Florence. So why do Italians dress up to ride their bikes? Why do Italians make sure their bike style matches their lifestyle? Why should you book a bike and ride these famous three cities as part of your summer travel?

Forte Dei Marmi bike style

Bike Style Trends

What does it really mean, for a hotel, to put clients at the centre of attention?

Here in Lucca, Florence and Forte Dei Marmi one can either buy their bikes or rent them for the summer season. The bikes all have a basket so one can shop till they drop. The colours range from earthy tones to pastel greens. Italians live the lifestyle from food, fashion and fine dining. They are all interconnected.

Lucca has a famous 7km wall where groups or individuals can ride on the wall. It is a sensation of peacefulness and well-being for Italians to ride in style. It is amazing for their mental health.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

The three-wheeler is popular at the seaside to take your dogs to.

Delighting In Unexpected Pleasures

City riding is all about delighting in unexpected pleasures. So in Forte Dei Marmi one has the option of luxury shopping and then riding to the seaside for a swim and meal. Riding is an oasis devoted to the well-being of one’s travel experiences. By riding around the cities. It is really possible to turn back the calendar to a fresher, younger look and feel.

How many years do I have aged fifty? I am a digital nomad which means I stay in cities for at least a few months. To experience the culture. I can command my style trends whilst chat over coffee.

bike style tuscany travel

These cities are flat so easy to ride around and explore museums like Uffizi here in Florence. On this occasion, I trended Ferrari red. Walking on cobblestones is very taxing on one’s body.


What To Wear Whilst Riding?

Coastal grandmother’s linen is popular. As linen is a cool fabric in the summer. Riding is brilliant to take your kids as it teaches them road rules. Also, make sure you were trainers when you ride for grip when you need to brake. City riding means more people walking the streets. use your bike bell to warn people walking that you are coming.

bike style

Wearing white is a good colour for warmer days.  Make sure you lock your bike as theft is high in any city. Bikes are popular items for resale.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are good to use so your personal items are safe. When I park my bike there have been occasions when my tote bag has been left in the basket. Thank goodness I realised soon enough.

Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips

Helmets are not compulsory but I would wear one. Your head is an egg when you crash your bike. A straw bag is fabulous for your basket bike. Easy to place food, water and other shopping needs.

Dolce & Gabanna

Clogs are super comfortable. My clogs have a Vibram sole which means plenty of grips. So they are good for riding bikes.

caretti clog vibram sole


I cardigan is a must when riding a bike. It’s lightweight, looks wonderful on and can be stored away easily in your basket when not needed.


Gucci cardigan for men

It also looks fabulous when you are scouting the shops for some items. Plus when the sun comes out it can save you from getting sunburnt. make sure you wear sunscreen when riding your bike.

Louis Vuitton

A scarf around the neck is worth doing especially when you are older and you get colder. It looks very stylish too. Don’t ride your bike in flip flops. place them in your basket for when you are wanting a cocktail break.


cafe forte dei marmi

Wellness & Fitness

There are not many citi4es in the world where you can ride in style. culturally these three cities are the best town to showcase your inner fashion. Riding invigorates the brain into absolute relaxation. Soothing the senses with a romantic combination of travel adventures. In Italy food changes with the seasons. It’s easy to indulge in the Tuscan wine and cuisine and pile on the calories. Food and wine here in Italy captivate the mind. Riding balances the mindset of not overeating or drinking.