Since 2019, driving an Aston Martin DB11 I have been waiting for James Bond and his perfectly formed buttox back on the big screen. Read my review on Aston Martin, it’s all about dressing the part as a woman driving this iconic Bond brand car. I called it Licence To Thrill as a female inspiration. I tried to predict the fashion trends it would allure us, women, to buy into.

My fashion and lifestyle predictions were so off the mark. Mimicking men does not bring the best out of us!

DB11 No Time To Die

Thanks to getting Covid I was allowed to see, No Time To Die. I was the only one in the cinema yesterday, it was really sad to see. I felt like I was the only one on earth.


Me at the Cinema yesterday.

What Is James Bond About?

James Bond is all about holding on to the tradition of how women are and were treated by men. Us ladies are attracted by men who live on the edge. Men who like Bond are not role models regarding how they treat us, women. But as life itself, women still are attracted to these men in 2021.

Bond is a fantasy of men wearing a tuxedo, women wearing haute couture gowns.  It’s about ladies in silk simply dresses drinking plenty of champagne. Showcasing the new and up and coming diamond necklace money can buy. Bond is about the up and coming trends for fashion, watches and cars. The epic beach scenes of our famous Bond ladies in bikinis are for me my next summer purchases for a beach stay in Jamaica.

Throughout every Bond movie, the ladies have been taken advantage of by James Bond. In my understanding, they seemed very keen to do so. Rich, bored women ignored by their husbands are a reality in James Bond and in life. That is who Bond targets. Confident rich married women.

The Death Of Tough Glamour

So why have the producers chosen to adopt everything opposite of who we are as women? In this Bond, No Time To Die is everything about death. They have destroyed our fantasy as a Bond woman.

I am not shaken, nor stirred in seeing this bond movie again.

No diamonds, no flashy dresses, no bikinis. Not even a new watch to save up for whilst showing my cleverage.  My cocktails and dreams to look like a Bond woman are over. That excuse for a new boob job is no longer needed because the female 007 ladies are wearing combat trousers, how unflattering.

Why was 007 not all leathered up or in Matrix latex? It’s a fantasy movie for goodness sake not boot camp to lose weight.

Boobs, Breast And Cleverage Trends

Take a look at Adele right now.  It’s all about ditching the stay home pyjama and get yourself all glamoured up.


Vogue has no shame in showing her fabulous cleverage. It’s actually the trend leading up to Christmas. Us ladies want to glamour up, showcasing our Bond breats.

How could we create the most boring conservative 007 female outfits in 2021? Did the producers get stuck in a time warp of fashion predictions?


Vespa is in this movie as a memory. Who can ever forget all of her fabulous outfits? I still hunt for that necklace today let alone her smokey eye makeup.


The Big Reset Flop  For Us Bond Ladies

The so-called inspiring two leading ladies representing the METOOMovement and BlackLifeMatters, in No TimeTo Die.

Is as followers. A black lady wearing combat ninja trousers who can’t fight. Not one scene is at all attempting to show what a real ninja fighter actually is.

She can’t even drive an Aston Martin in action. She simply drives as slow as a snail to stop and pick up Bond.

Bonds French lover is wearing white denim trousers, throughout the movie. They clearly forgot to pack her suitcase.

take a lookout for the camel toe shots, way too high for my liking.

A camel toe is not acceptable. It’s tacky as hell and just plain gross. However, it’s equally bad to stare at someone’s crotch or to comment on how their slacks fit. So, women who sport that look generally get away with it because nobody wants to tell them.

We have been in lockdown for 22months and the stylist, film props and fashion designers decided that we women no longer want to dress up? Or did they think us ladies were not going to see the latest and first black cast for 007? Shame on Hollywood, once again.

With a budget as much as Bond, these are the fashion outfits they could come up with? Don’t worry Primark and Zara have them on sale now.


Men Out Dressing Women

Daniel Craig looks dashing in many different suits. As the owner of MenStyleFashion, I truly hope we see many dashing men in Bond suits in the next few months.

Daniel has outdone the ladies on the bond set when it comes to fashion inspirations.

Black Life Matters/ MeTooMovement

This James Bond is all about political correctness, regarding black women and the METOO message. I am all for it, as I grew up in Australia where men were treated and still treat women like crap. For the most part, women allow it to happen, it’s part of that macho image men in oz like to think is charming. Alcohol play’s a strong part just like the United Kingdom. Physical violence is what I witnessed many times in rural Australia in public areas like the local pub.

It’s why I left Australia over 25years ago and never married an Ozzie.

I also was taught by one of Australia’s worse sexual offenders for children in a Catholic school in rural Australia. Who was found out by the church itself? But he was sent to another school, became headmaster and abused children for the next twenty years. My friends here were victims of abuse lives have been ruined forever.

My upbringing also was about local policemen also abusing young kids and sent to another part of rural sick Australia. It was all shoved under the table.  So I totally get the METOO campaign. I certainly am praying Maxwell gets everything she deserves. The trail begins at the end of November 2021.


What an uninspiring outfit. She looks terribly bored in it to0.

James Bond The History

It is not James Bond but a real Second World War hero who has now been identified as the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s fictional creation. He’s the dashing secret agent who surrounded himself with women, ruthlessly despatched his enemies and had a series of swashbuckling adventures. A new biography of Wing Commander Forest “Tommy” Yeo-Thomas, one of Britain’s greatest secret agents of the war, claims the writer based the character of 007 on the spy and recreated many of his real-life experiences in his novels.

No Time To Die

The first twenty minutes is brilliant, why would it not be? The filming began in Matera in April 2019, with scenes shot in the city’s historic centre as well as its ancient Sassi, the UNESCO-protected cave dwellings. It holds on to tradition regarding Bond movies, filmed in Italian locations including Rome, Siena, Venice as well as Lake Como and Sardinia. I have been to all of these places.

But then for me, it’s all just one politically addressing mess of what society is demanding regarding equal rights for women. Nolegs were shown throughout the movie in the latest Bond.

riva boat venice

One Black Dress To Buy

There was one scene where it’s as good as it gets regarding haute couture. Just one black dress and more poor action scenes by a Spanish woman who looked good thanks to clever editing on all levels. Where were the diamonds?

Tough Glamour - Female Resilience & Strength Style Tips

Tough Glamour Not

Women in James Bond are all about glamour, amazing beauty, vulnerability, rich women that are seeking a bad man with a purpose. And a great lover in bed. Bond is that fantasy and I are ok being portrayed as the weaker vulnerable woman in Bond. Flaunting her diamonds, Alta Moda and silky dresses in bed with Bond.

Bond women are for the most part female models on a runway just like today. As I watched I got more frustrated and angry at how the women of so could action were portrayed.


What Went Wrong?

First of all this tough glamour of women in combat just are exactly the opposite. They can’t fight, they have no martial arts background. Unlike  Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, who has studied martial arts all her life. Gal is the real Tough Glamour. There must be many women out there who can act, drive an Aston Martin as a female 007.  Do martial arts and inspire us, women to have a go.


Why did the female 007, NOT get who outfits made from Savile Row? Watch my interviews on why.

No one in the world did what I did in this interview about #savilerow

After watching #notimetodie listen to why the suit is back.

Way back in 2014, I asked #davidgandy and many British men about the tailoring suit.

#suit #unitedkingdom #tailoring #danielcraig #tomford

Aston Martin 007 Female Flop

I have been reviewing supercars since 2015 including Aston Martin. I noticed in the Bond scene there is never a moment where the black ninja is spinning the wheels let alone driving like Bond herself. She is the new 007? They had plenty of time to train Lashana Lynch, to drive like a 007. It was embarrassing to see her driving as slow as an ant. Trust me these car’s fly like birds, read my reviews.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

I love action films been watching them for thirty fives years. This is me kicking butt in my red skull boots. The James Bond movie was about to be released when I was driving this car way back in March 2019.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Trust me when I drove around the Cotswolds, revving the engine and spinning the wheels in the rain. Which is really easy to do in the DB11. The men and women were well impressed and found it very appealing and inspiring.

If the producers are going to cross to the other METOO side. Then get a female 007, showing men we can drive like Formula One too.

I know for a fact one of the stunt team driving the Defender is a 21year old female. She is pretty, why didn’t they show her face in one of the scenes?

Where Are The Bond Bikini Women?

I always go out and hunt for a bikini after I have seen a Bond woman modelling them. Do you honestly think we women are going to seek out a pair of combat ninja trousers after 22months of wearing pyjamas? Or what amazed me was the wonderful, French actress, Léa Seydoux who wore the same white denim jeans throughout the whole movie.

Another big female reset for ME Too was that Léa Seydoux on No Time to Die made Bond Girl History. In 24 films released across six decades, no love interest has ever played a significant part in more than one James Bond movie.

Bond is in love and that is all she could wear, white denim? So single ladies on your next Tinder date, get your white denim jeans out.

There is nothing glamour inspiring when it came to female fashion in this movie. What a disaster.

I am left with a shattered fashion heart.

Trend Prediction For The Next Bond

The writers and producers had to address the METOO message. I think they did a terrible job. The next Bond will go back to its roots. Classic cars. James will look like the original Timothy Dalton, well at least Bond will be with dark hair. He will be driving many classic Aston Martins. The women will be fashion models with not much script. We shall see many suits and traditional tuxedos.

However, it could be a black female James Bond who is bi sexual or non-binary. She will not be showcasing her body let alone her bikinis. She will hold a gun and no martial arts let alone driving action involved.

The car will be electric and a very expensive Lara Croft take off with famous female actors that I am sick of seeing.

Timothy Dalton

Cinema For 2021

Whilst at the cinema after 22months, the movies coming up are all Marvel movies. It’s so boring to see the familiar famous faces not really acting but thanks to digital animation like gaming. Cinema is so damn safe and predictable.

Which is not what will deal with our pandemic mental state of mind. We are all going to be bombarded with virtual reality. Hell, that is all we need right now.

As for the upcoming House Of Gucci, on the big screen apart from the vintage fashion. Gaga does a poor imitation of how we Italian women really are. It looks terrible.

Thank God for Netflix and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  My advice as a woman, stop getting men involved in how we want to be portrayed on the big screen.


Zoom Dressing

Anyone joining an online work meeting looking dishevelled.

‘I’ve been quite struck by sitting in Zoom meetings with people in them and then women just look like they’ve given up on life. They haven’t washed their hair or put make-up on? They’re in a tracksuit so you automatically think,

“Oh no, are they really down about life?

Well, this movie has just endorsed dressing down. The casual dressing needs to die and go!