We spend about 1/3 of our adult lives at work and that’s a long time! With all the time we spend on the job, it just doesn’t make sense to go throughout the day in a drab dress. Most of the time, we associate quality workwear with a massive bank account, but in all truthfulness, even a modest budget can afford an amazing work wardrobe. Here’s how to get the best bargains on your career wardrobe, and how to make sure you’re the most stylish in the office!

Shop Online

Assuming you know what size fits you, many online shops offer amazing deals on work outfits. Brick-and-mortar stores have to cover a lot more costs just to operate, which means that the price of the clothing in those stores will have to be higher by default. If you know which online stores are worth it, getting a bargain price will be a snap.

Invest In Single Colour Basics

Let’s face it, patterns do not bode well for the “mix and match” nature of career clothing. In fact, in more conservative offices, patterned clothing can be a major faux pas. By sticking to single colour jackets, slacks, and dresses, you automatically make it easier to put together a work-worthy ensemble quickly. Also, by not having to worry about grabbing matching patterned clothing for your outfits, you cut down wardrobe costs significantly.

Invest In Single Colour Basics

Stick To Two Colors For Your Workwear

By having an entire wardrobe consisting of a black, grey, and two other colours is that it also means that you will need fewer clothes to create outfits that match well with one another. This method further streamlines your ability to work your workwear quickly, too, which in turn also means less fumbling in the morning.


Remember That Durability Is Worth Paying For

Many people wrongly assume that it’s a better bargain to buy a bunch of cheaply-made, “disposable” work clothes than it is to invest in a single piece that will last for years. If buying a durable, perennially fashionable article of clothing will save you money in the long run, it’s worth it. After all, that’s going to be an article of clothing you won’t have to replace every three months.

Do Your Best To Pick Versatile Pieces

If you want to save money on your wardrobe on a major scale, then you will want to pick out workwear clothes that can double as brunch outfits, date outfits, or even parts of a nightclub outfit. The good part about shopping with versatility in mind is that there are online guides that can help you deduce whether or not it’s an item that can bring you from day to night, so you never will have to wonder if you made the right pick. Jumpsuits are fabulous for both day and night.

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Get Comfortable Clothing And Footwear

Did you ever make the mistake of buying ill-fitting clothing or shoes in hopes of “breaking them in?” Did you ever notice that wearing uncomfortable clothing makes you irritable, and gives you a bad case of buyer’s remorse? Trainers now are so trendy and match so many work outfits.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The easiest way to cut costs is to refuse to settle for anything less than comfort. It will cut your splurging tendencies significantly.

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Buy On Sale

This sounds obvious, but for some people, it isn’t. You should try to avoid paying full price for any clothing item unless it’s really a marvellous work of fashion design. There are plenty of great clothes on sale; you just have to search a little bit harder to find them.

Your workwear isn’t something that should be taken lightly, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune. As long as you approach shopping for your career wear with a little common sense and a keen eye for a bargain, you will be able to put together an incredible wardrobe at a fraction of the cost people think you’ve spent.