I wrote an article about these chocolate shoes last year. I thought they were such a unique idea. Then I received a tweet from Azra saying she would love to send me some over. So whilst at a conference event last week at the Mayfair Hotel, it seemed the perfect fit for her to send me one box. Thanks to the tube strike these chocolate shoes were going to go on a very long journey. So late into the night, I found out the shoes were not delivered. I was frantic because I wanted to show everyone at the conference the power of a tweet, the power of social media. I had not even met Azra, and she stuck to her word about sending me a box of chocolate shoes. Now thanks to Kristina Goes West who end up literally going from north London to west London to give them to me at the conference.  They arrived in style at the Mayfair Hotel.

I was in a real panic as I was deeply concerned they may melt in the box or more distressing fall apart in the box.

The Couture Journey

Now due to misunderstanding, the chocolate shoes came late well and truly after me speaking in front of 300 people. I was gutted. So the next day still not opening the four boxes beautifully wrapped, I had to head down to Brighton for another press event. So off we went chocolate shoes in hand. I was so stressed as I was sure these shoes were not going to last the journey. I was too afraid to even peek into the boxes. Due to another unfortunate set of events. The chocolate shoes had to now come to me in Barcelona. I was honestly having a meltdown. As it’s a warm 21 degrees in this city. Even worse at check-in the now three boxes would not fit into hand luggage and I had to put one into what was now my worse nightmare,

Instead of Flowers opt for handmade chocolates.

Azra Chocolate - Eatable Lipstick (2)

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The Opening Moment

Once landed I was feeling just beside myself as it takes six weeks to makes these chocolates. Azra had made all this effort to get it on time to me and worked very hard. I felt I was showing great disrespect. To make matters worse these shoes now had to go onto another three-hour bus journey. Yes, I still did not have the courage to even look at what the state of the shoes would turn out to be. Once home in a frantic, I decided to open up the boxes.

When I did open that, the presentation was gorgeous and the smell was divine. I’m feeling very worried by now as I thought they had melted. The first box I opened was the Dino chocolate collection, by the way, my brother is called Dino. I honestly screamed so loud when I saw them. This was the box that was not in hand luggage and wow they were in perfect condition. As I have proven these chocolate shoes stood the test of time when it came to delivery. So don’t even let that worry you when you order them.

Gifts For Everyone

Ladies and gentlemen honestly these chocolate shoes are a perfect gift for any occasion. The joy they have brought on my face was what I needed. When I show my friends the four boxes they just stop and stare in pure envy. For me, if you need a pick me up gift, these chocolate couture shoes by Azra nail it. They are a perfect gift for a mother who has just had a child. A perfect gift for a woman who has just been told she is terminally ill. A perfect gift when you have just split up from your loved one. A perfect gift when you have just hurt someone and want to ask forgiveness. More exciting a perfect gift of pure creativity. The price fact for me is unbelievable nothing short of a couture bargain.

The chocolate couture shoe journey does not end here. Where did the fourth chocolate box go, ironically called mystique chocolate shoe?