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Chocolate Shoes

Azra Sadiq is a very innovative Chocolatier and obviously has a love for shoes. What’s more super cool is that she has turned her idea into chocolate. Now what two better things to be had, than walking in your favourite pair of shoes and getting your teeth literally stuck into an iconic red-soled Louboutin chocolate shoe. Who says you can’t make money in the very thing you love and dream about?

Azra makes each and every shoe herself from the highest quality Belgian chocolate. Azra works on each shoe as soon as she take the order. Each one is a piece of art and can take three or four days to complete. So for example, just the heel of the ‘Marilyn’ shoe can take up to two hours as Azra applies each edible pearl with fine tweezers. Impressive art work right there. Every shoe is made to order, hence she does not keep stock. So you are buying a very unique gift for any occasion.

Christian Louboutin Heels All in The Name Of Chocolate

Azra iconic chocolate shoes are inspired from ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Dorothy’ her two best-loved film actresses ever. Her latest collection combines everything that women love. Designer shoes, diamonds, pearls and, of course chocolate. If you are wondering what they taste like then you better place your order sooner than later.

For now, Azra’s amazing chocolate shoe collection is only available via her website
























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azra belgium chocolate shoes