I’m all for the up and coming designers. That’s what I am all about encouraging and spotting future talent. Let’s face it everyone had to start somewhere? How does one try and run the race against the huge fashion labels of the world? I’m passionate about getting the younger brands and new emerging London designers out there and any help in doing that will be greatly received. I want to introduce to you a blog called Wears London which is a blog that promotes emerging talent.

“London Born Fashion”

Wears London is a fashion market place bringing together the best designer makers from the London area. Wears London aims to promote new and emerging talent whilst helping you discover and rediscover London based fashion designer makers.

Why is it important to notice the fashion icons of the future? Simply because it’s give me huge satisfaction to make them understand one thing. Run your own race and never give up. No matter what it costs. Yes, success comes at a price of sacrifice one has to make. But make sure you choose your battles well and not compromise your integrity. Run a smart honest business let your yes be yes and your no be no. Follow through all your promises to those around you and follow what I call that God-given gut instinct. Trust me it will pay off.

Designer Details

Here are some of the Emerging Designers being talked about:

Liberty Kelly (womenswear)

Liberty Kelly was founded by Liberty Kelly in 2009. Liberty has made principle costumes for more than 30 films (three of which were awarded Oscars for Best Costume Design), working alongside celebrated designers, including Sandy Powell. She has made costumes for many of today’s Hollywood superstars, including Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe. As a designer and maker herself, Liberty is passionate about preserving British clothing manufacturing. After initially designing and making all the garments herself in the studio, Liberty now uses a number of seamstresses in London to manufacture all of the Liberty jackets, woollen ponchos and tweed ponchos.

Reborn London (menswear)

Founded in 2012 by London College of Fashion menswear graduate Laura Lodge, Reborn London is a clothing label that combines ethical practice with modern design and is centred on the idea of rejuvenation. ​Each garment is made in London by reputable manufacturers using only the finest materials- reconstituted (up-cycled), fair-trade and organic fabrics.

Yull Shoes

Sarah Watkinson-Yull established Yull Shoes in 2011 at 21. Sarah says that Yull is ‘style over fashion’, a break from the current trend-following flow of impracticable and ephemeral shoe brands. In 2012 she received funding from The Prince’s Trust to set up manufacturing in the UK. Yull is one of the only independent shoe brands manufacturing high heels in Britain.

A-kat clothing (menswear)

Akat Clothing is an urban clothing label that is completely run and managed (including all the artwork and designs) by ex-offenders, ex-homeless and ex-addicts who have worked hard to turn their lives around with 10% of the profits going into worthwhile projects in the community, this Label gives them goals to work towards and direction in their lives, gives them prospects and also at the same time help’s them give something back and become valued members of society by working with various organisations to help highlight the risks of drugs, gangs and crime through talks in schools and also various other projects,

Why so serious? (Mens and womanswear)

Why So Serious? collections are powerful and intriguing. Designs are found within culture, politics and fear of the unknown. Masculine, powerful cuts are used to empower the wearer and fabrics replicate this. Previous collections have included deconstructed tailoring based on ‘The Circus Freaks’, Evening dresses with frill detail based on labyrinths and Mad houses and the most current 6 outfit collection of leather, cotton and wool based on the voodoo within Haiti. We believe in unique designs ready for the catwalk which can then be dialled down for those walking the high street. Be Unique, Be powerful, Be feared.

Reclaim Bags

RECLAIM BAGS is a brand that was born in 2011 by British based designer, Sophie Postma whilst studying Fashion and Innovation at Leeds college of Art. The brand uses recycled rubber inner tubes as the main material to create each individual, handmade piece. The concept behind the brand is to produce a sustainable range of handbags and accessories that will change people’s perceptions of recycled products and test the limits of re-use.

Esoteric (mens and womenswear)

Esoteric London is an edgy urban accessory and clothing lifestyle brand created by London College of Fashion graduate Chloe Hope King. With around a decade of experience in the fashion and retailing industries, she wanted to create something fresh. All pieces are hand-made/ hand finished in London by an experienced and innovative designer, using luxury materials. We use mainly sustainable and natural materials fusing tried and tested traditional methods with more modern innovative techniques, giving our brand an edge

Elai London – Luxury Lingerie

Eva Lai launched Elai after graduating from London College of Fashion with first-class honour in BA Fashion Contour in July 2012. Her graduate collection was featured on vogue.co.uk and tatler.com. She has previously worked for luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, West Brand by Kanye West, bespoke bridal couture Melanie Potro, and Sambalina couture bridal lingerie. Her products range from statement showpieces full of embellishments, seductive lingerie, to everyday comfort lingerie. All of the products are handmade in Britain.

Emilies Silver (Womenswear)

We are family run business creating unique and individually designed pieces of ladies wear. By integrating upcycled elements of jewellery, fabric and other materials we produce one of the items that are Eco friendly and self-sustainable. Emilie’s Silver also specializes in bespoke and made to order ladies wear.

Monique Lee Millinery

After receiving a masters degree in fashion design and technology from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London in 2006, Monique Lee has spent the past 10 years working and travelling in Europe and Asia. In December 2012, Monique Lee Millinery for conceptual and couture hats was launched and received commissioned orders for conceptual or custom-made couture hats for Royal Ascot, races, weddings, parties, funerals, concerts and fashion runway shows.. Every hat from Monique Lee Millinery is designed and hand-crafted in England.

Emerging Fashion Designers In London

Emerging Fashion Designers In London

Emerging Fashion Designers In London

Emerging Fashion Designers In London

Emerging Fashion Designers In London

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