If you are a lover of wine and not sure what to do with your corks? Fret no more. The very talented Conrad Engelhardt show’s us that fashion can be presented in many forms. For me someone with this imagination and talent is worth sharing to rest of the world. Be inspired, open a bottle of red  and read about Conrad’s reason for his exhibition.


Q: What did you wear for the opening night of your exhibition?

A: The prior day we had spent seven hours drilling holes in brick, measuring distances, and hanging artwork.  After all the manual labour I was looking forward to getting cleaned up for the opening.  All of my suits are Armani – the way they are cut fits me with no alterations, and I love the rich fabric which gives them durability and character.  As it was January and my event was in the evening, I opted for a dark grey/black suit with black shirt and shoes. Black works well and keeps the focus on my art and the colours on the wine corks rather than on me.  Our venue for the event was a massive rustic brick arch under the Overground railway in Shoreditch, East London and the evening was quite cold, so I added an orange Hermés scarf to keep my neck warm.  My wife was disappointed when I removed the scarf later in the evening, as the orange had made it easy to spot and direct people over to me.

Q: What did you wear for the other days of your exhibition?

A: Saturday and Sunday were much more relaxed and my exhibit was open to the public.  It was unseasonably cold in London with temperatures between 0-8 C, so it was still very cold in the gallery, especially as we left the door open so people could easily come in and out.  Wanting to stay warm, I wore jeans, a VW hoodie, and a black leather jacket, again Armani. To keep my neck warm I wore a multi-coloured scarf that I bought on a ski trip to Zermatt.  It is one of my winter staples and works with everything.

Q: Your works in the show ‘Full Bodied: An Art Tasting’, other than your portrait of Marilyn Monroe, were primarily nudes – have you thought about adding fashion to your art?

A: I’m always experimenting – the diptych piece ‘Back Of Woman Seated With A Blanket’ was specifically chosen to give me an opportunity to experiment with the shading required to create the effect of folds of fabric using just wine corks.  I have a piece in mind that involves a woman wearing high-heeled shoes crossing the street – I have a friend with a great collection of shoes that I’m hoping will model for me.

Conrad Engelhardt,wine cork art london, marylin monroe


Conrad Engelhardt,wine cork art london, marylin monroe


Conrad Engelhardt,wine cork art london

Conrad Engelhardt

Conrad Engelhardt,wine cork art london,

The gorgeous  Conrad Engelhardt and Jenn